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I cant make up my mind :(

i know i have SO much time.. and a big reason why I gave myself this much time is so I woudlnt have to stress about it. everytime i think i have made up my mind about something, i over think it and change it. I cant even decide on my colors! anyone else feeling this? or am i just driving myself nuts?
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Re: I cant make up my mind :(

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    I totally understand you! FI and I have already been engaged for 2 years and we just decided on colors about a month ago. I'm a bit indecisive too, but I feel like when you know it's right..then it's right.
    You still have a lot of time left to think about things like colors...what does your FI have to say?
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    Everything will fall into place :) When we got engaged we knew it would be a long engagement. With me finishing up nursing school and us trying to buy a house, we needed to be smart financially. The first thing we did was set the date with the Priest and reception venue and beleive it or not, they had plenty of 2014 dates booked, I was shocked! I thought there was no way there were other brides out there planning at 2014 wedding, but there is! You have plenty of time, but once you find something make a decision and stick to it. I have my colors set, and I do find other colors I like, but Im still happy with my first decision and Im seeing it through. Best of luck with everything!
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    I just changed my date to 2014 and I'm happy I did, it gives us time to be more financially stable and not stress about things. We are going to do a little bit at a time. I already have my dress and are looking at venues but not going to put a down payment on one for a few months yet.
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