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Favors Party

Im getting married August 25 of next year and I've been thinking of differnt little ways to get me and my fiances families together to get to know one another. I am doing this mainlt for the women involved in the wedding (MOB, BMs, MOG, GMOBs, GMOG). I really want to do this as well so that his family can feel included with the planning because I know my family is experienced in this sort of thing and his...not so much.

So far, I have invited them (inlaws) to a bridal show but so far that's about it. I was thinking of having a favors party they all come to my house and bring one thing (be it tulle, ribbons, tape and other things needed for the favors) and we all make them together.  I planned to have food and drinks as well.

Opinions? Do you have any other suggestions on how to get the families together?
SN:  I already have the reception hall, dress and church picked out so those functions are already out.

Thanks ladies.
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