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Belated intro + wedding color input!

Hiya, I'm pretty new here and I've been lurking and posting sporadically, but I figured it's time I introduced myself. I'm an Aug. 12, 2012 bride who'll be married in Orange County, CA. *waves* 

I would love to ask you all input on the wedding colors. Here's part of the dilemna, I appreciate that our venue is inclusive of a lot of things, which means fewer details for me to worry over (pro) but also means less control (con). The issue right now? Centerpieces for the reception tables are taken care of. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of flower type, or color! Now, when we visited in July, and booked a month later in August, the venue was featuring the same flower: potted white orchids w/ slight purple accents. They were in silver toned square pots, on top of circular table mirrors. Again, it's not guaranteed that those are the flowers we would have at our wedding, but it's pretty likely given that that's what was in season this year. The venue itself is a historic building, a once-working Spanish hacienda. Warm golden and yellow tones, whitewashed walls, exposed wood, beautiful wooden doors/ gates, and warm Spanish tiles.

Of the table linens (also included) I saw, the only ones that looked nice to me were a very sheer, shimmery gold. I've been considering a classic plum color for the bridesmaid dresses (like David's Bridal's plum color), but I'm really worried that people will instantly assume I'm a Lakers fan (which I'm not) with "purplish" and "gold" wedding colors. Do you think I'm being silly? Thanks in advance for any input! :)

(And a rough idea of what the orchids looked like in July/ August, I'll attach a couple of pics I found through google images-- it is NOT the exact ones from the venue.)

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