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Well this weekend, my Mom and I went and bought my daughters shoes for the wedding! They are SUPER cute, silver sandals with rhinestones on the top..the only dressy pair in the store in her size! Whew!  My FI contacted the aunt and uncle he invited, well that has turned into 10 people to the guest list! Seriously, they should know better! Not only the "invited aunt/uncle", now it is another uncle, 3 cousins with their dates and kids! I was so ticked off when he told me this! That pushes our number 20 over what Mom paid for!  Grrr!!   This week, we meet with the preacher on Tues, On Wed, I have my trial run for my hair and getting my eyebrows waxed, Thursday we are meeting with the DJ, one evening, meeting with my photographer and Im in a panic as Mom has called the seamstress and hasn't heard back from her yet..I have lost more weight and since went and got a strapless bra so I NEED to get into see her this week...I work in home health care and the lady I am taking care of needs longer care..I was getting off at 2:30 and now won't be getting off until 5 and it has really had me having late appointments..Im just a freakin mess right now and feeling totally overwhelmed and rushed!

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    Don't worry, you'll be surprised how quick it all comes together!  I'm at 6 days and I got sooo much done between 2 weeks and 1 week.  I suggest getting someone, your Mom/sister/friend, to come over one day next weekend and help you with the grunt work.  I did this yesterday and we got a ton done.  The little details seem overwhelming, but once you sit down and do they it's not that bad!  And in 2 weeks' time, you'll already be married!
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    I feel for you! I've been an emotional wreck this past week, mainly because of work being insane and not being able to devote time to wedding planning.

    What helped me was to write everything down in a giant list and then sort it by categories.
    Once I saw it written out it wasn't as intimidating and I was able to star the priorities of what needs to get accomplished in the next week.
    Good luck and just remember at the end of the day if you end up married then it was still a success!
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    If the extra people added are stressing you out this much, FI should put his foot down to his family and explain that the invitation was only for A and B, not every person they feel like bringing along.  It is very rude to add people like this to their invitation, but if you are firm about not letting them walk all over you, they won't.

    For the stress of the rest, like PP said, I would just make a list of what you still have to do.  Then break it down by what you want to accomplish each day.  If you focus on two or three things at once rather than everything, it will be more manageable.  Also, is it possible to delegate a few tasks to your mom.  Now, I don't mean assign her jobs, but if she is willing to help, you could ask her to do a couple of things.

    Good luck and remember that your day will be beautiful!
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    I just feel like everything is being crammed into this week..the week I start working until 5..My Mom is picking my daughter up from daycare probably 4x this week after she gets off of work so we are all running ourselves and unfortunately, Mom is my only family member, I don't have any sisters or anyone that could watch Cadance..I don't know how to handle the situation with FIs family all of a sudden coming with 8xtra people..He has looked over the guest list I can't tell you how many times saying he hardly knows anyone which is BS, my Mom went over it with him one night, there are only 5 people that will be there he doesn't know!  Those 10 people will add 250 at the end of the night to the bill, which my Mom is paying for and he knows it..She gave him the list 2 weeks ago before we went and gave our final numbers to the venue last Sat and he puts off calling till yesterday..My Mom has pretty much done everything except all this stuff that only we can do..We can't get off work early enough to go get our license so we have to go get it the morning of our wedding..I could literally scream right now!
    Cheryl (25) Andy (24) Newlyweds as of 8-17-12 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker pregnancy week by week
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