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August 2012 Weddings

need advice (sorry lil long)

Earlier this month all my bridesmaids were in town for bridesmaid dress shopping.  There were two dresses everyone liked.  One they loved and one they liked.  I said I needed to think about it and would let them know which dress.  Everyone couldnt believe I didnt just decide there since everyone loved one dress.  However, there was just something off about the dress.  This past friday I went back to the store and tried the two dresses on myself to get a better feel for the dresses.  When I had the dress everyone loved on it didnt feel right.  It wasn't the dress I had pictured for my bridesmaid dresses.  It didnt feel elegant to me.  Plus the color green was lighter than I wanted.  The other dress felt better and was more of the style I wanted for a dress.  After much debate I picked the second dress.  I was all excited and went and told my bridesmaids.  Two of them were great (they are family and say they would wear whatever I tell them to) the other three (friends) all they have done is complain about the dress since I told them I picked.  They think it will look terrible on them.  It has really discouraged me.  they liked it in the store, now have nothin good to say about it.  What do I do?  

in euro sage, but color looks different online 

in pistachio

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