August 2012 Weddings

Tidbit from an August 2011 bride

Hey ladies, I know the August 2011 brides put together a big list of advice but I never got a chance to add this:

Consider opening a joint account with your FI using your maiden name a month or 2 before your wedding.

I did this and it made cashing wedding checks a breeze. The checks made out to Mr and Mrs were easy to cash because H signed it, I signed the married name, then signed the maiden name and the bank had no problem. A lot of August brides still have not been able to cash or deposit checks because there's no joint account. Some even have been asked to supply the marriage license before they will be allowed to do so. This may have been the best advice I received and I wanted others to be spared the frustration of checks lying around collecting dust. Hope this is helpful!
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