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Foundation for an outdoor wedding, help!!

Hi Ladies,

I'm looking for a good foundation (makeup!) for my wedding in Mid-August.  We'll be outdoors in the sweltering heat.  Usually I wear covergirl powder but I'd like extra coverage and something that'll last and definitely not transfer onto my FH's shoulder!  Have any of you thought about this or figured it out?

Help would be appreciated!

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Re: Foundation for an outdoor wedding, help!!

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    I'm going to be using MAC liquid face and body foundation. It's a really light and buildable, and then you seal it with their translucent Prep+Prime powder. I got it since it photographs really well, but I've also not had any problems with it rubbing off on anything!

    The only caveat is that you really do need to apply it with a brush, not your fingers, since it's pretty runny.
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    I've been playing around with Revlon Airbrush PhotoReady and I like it. It definitely lasts all day. Also, I have been watching TONS of Beauty Broadcast videos on You Tube. This girl is awesome, she buys products and reviews them so you don't have to. Here's a great one she did on drugstore foundations:  
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    You've gotta watch out for anything with a sunscreen ingredient like titanium dioxide though, it looks great in person but washes you out if you have a photo taken with a flash since it reflects the light (which is why it makes a good sunscreen) straight back at the camera.

    Strangely enough, Revlon Photoready has titanium dioxide....
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    Thanks for the tip on SPF!  I never ever wear liquid foundation and was thinking of layering tinted moisturizer with cream foundation.  Definitely a good idea to take practice photos, though!
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    I was thinking about my regular foundation along with some powder. I remember for my first wedding I cried on my wedding day because my makeup was melting off and I thought I would be ugly for pictures. My great MOH told me I had such natural beauty and convinced me to remove my make up and just use cover up and powder. Now that I think of it I may just grab a cover up and use powder and experiment with that before the big day. :)
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    Thanks ladies!  After watching the YouTube video posted above (Thanks Iclemence!) I went to Ulta with the intention of buying the Rimmell London face and body foundation.  I tried different samples on my hand and it didn't even wash off in the shower until I scrubbed with soap.  However, I was caught by the bare minerals lady, sat down and made over!  I found makeup with the coverage I like (I don't even know what it's called!), but it does have sunscreen in it (yikes!).  The lady told me it was only titanium dioxide and I think this foundation doesn't have it.  Not sure.  I tried a sample pic after reapplying the makeup for a trial run and I still looked pretty fair.  I am, however, fair skinned.  It might work, maybe one more trial run...
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