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Help with hair!

I am getting married on Saturday and am having major second thoughts about my hair.  I have extremely thick, long hair.  During my trial we put it all pinned back in a bun, similar to the first picture. 

My hair ended up falling out within a few hours because it is so thick.  My hairdresser assured me that she will use industrial bobby pins and hairspray it way more.  She said that it was just a trial and that the day of it will definitely not fall out.  I completely trust her, but now I am feeling like I should do something to accentuate my long hair instead of putting it all up.  It is going to be hot, so I definitely don't want my hair all down.  i am thinking something like the second picture maybe? 

What are your thoughts? Should I change and go with the second one or stick with the original style? 

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    My hairstylist was not too happy when I changed my mind from my trial!!  I'm not a hairstylist myself, so I had no idea that she practiced and devised a strategy for my original style between my trial and wedding day. Ooops.

    I have really long hair as well, and honestly, I think your first style is fantastic. I'm also glad I wore my hair up!

  • I don't love the second style, though I do like the idea of a side ponytail.



  • Either way, I think if you can swing it (both time and money!) you should have a 2nd trial.

    I had a 1/2 updo with the back curled. The curls fell two hours after the trial. When I called, I was told the same thing - They'll spray it so it will hold all night. I even asked if I should have another trial and they said no. BIG mistake!! Day of our wedding, I showed the stylist the pictures we took at the trial and pictures I took two hours later asking what we could do to hold the curls in. She did some extra hair gunk and spray, but the same thing happened. My mom was curling my hair again at the church two hours later.

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  • I had a trial yesterday and she reassured me that the do will stay much better.  They don't tack it all down for just the trial.

    I love the side pony look though!
  • I also have very long thick hair and was thinking about completely switching my updo. After my trial my hair fell out within about two hours.  What my stylist did instead was start with a bunch of small ponytails low and my head, worked them into a bun and then had side pieces to cover it and then do the loose curls I had asked for. It held up fantastic on my wedding day.

  • I have pretty long and super thick hair too but i wanted my hair half up and half down. My hair  fell out like a hour after my hair trial and i kind of freaked. I emailed my hair dresser and told her i wanted to change it and she said no problem and just bring in pictures. I  just had more hair pulled up. Anyway, my hair stayed in until the next morning when i took it out and showered! But she knew what she was doing with working with long thick hair in august. She hair sprayed every single piece, and then used the good bobby pins. And trust me the bobby pins your hair dresser is talking about are really really good!! All the girls around here know to keep those bobby pins when you take your hair out because they are worth more then gold! I think you will be alright. Maybe you can just ask her to hair spray each piece seperately and she knows to use the good bobby pins. I would be more worried about curls falling out then having your hair all up
  • Thank so much for all of the advice!  To make matters hair stylist's mother in law just passed away :( and her funeral is on Saturday...
  • Deepening on temp for this weekend you might be more comfortable with it up. I was so hot at my reception. I was happy I went with up. I did a low sitting side swept bun.
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