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Sick a week before the wedding!!!!!

So, Friday I went to the doctor and I got tested negative for strep, but the Dr said if I am not feeling better, I need to come back in. Well, the medicine he prescribed me did not help at all so I called today and they said I need to finish what I got and if I'm not better by Wednesday, I will need to come in and get tested for mono!!! I'm freaking out because I get married this Saturday. Has anyone else been in a situation like this? ? I need some advice to help me. I've been relaxing when I can, but I have to attend to an 8 1/2 month old.
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Re: Sick a week before the wedding!!!!!

  • I'm in the same boat. Got a serious case of the summer crud and an ear infection a week and a half ago and am just now starting to feel even remotely like my real self and my wedding is Friday.  The only thing you can do is get whatever rest you can, get lots of fluids, take your meds on time and think positively. Freaking out won't help.  Hang in there!
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    Ok I'm laughing because as I'm reading I go omg this sound familiar and I did come down with mono a month before my wedding date. Sleep sleep sleep. My FI picked up the slack and was a huge help. If I slept I was good. If I over did it I had a big relaps. Any way you can take the week off before the wedding to ease up on stress and let you sleep. It's doable. But I was so tired. Once I got out of work I crashed. Advil helped my sore throat. Good luck
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  • My wedding is also 4 days away (i am an old poster that used to post under a different sn but changed my name for security reasons)...Anyway-- I had the flu two week and then it settled in my chest and became bronchitis.
    I am still on antibitotics and an inhaler and dont feel much better. I can't even do a flight of stairs without weezing. At this point i am resting as much as i can and drinking lots and lots and lots of water.You can muddle through with Mono you will just be tired so I would rest a lot now while you can.

    I had mono in college and actually didn't ever know. I used to nap all the time and i thought it was because i was depressed because my boyfriend and i were always fighting. Then i started throwing up every morning. I was nervous i was prego- and when i went to the Dr. It turned out it was just mono that i had had in my system for TWO months untreated. So i was able to go two months of just thinking i was depressed and tired and run down. It sure was a great diet. lol.

    of course that was in college when i could sleep in my bed most of the day and go to class if i felt like it and now its the real world--but if you can, i'd stop work now. Take the day off, take a nap. Drink TONS of fluids and try to flush this.
    Maybe youll need some energy stuff for the wedding day

    good luck

  • Hope you feel better, and try to slow down and rest as much as you can (as pp said).
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  • Yup- i am coughing and wheezing today... my wedding is Saturday :/
  • Well, I was sick on my wedding (last Saturday). I thought it was nerves, but I'm still home sick from work today. Turns out I have a virus. In my experience, even if you are sick you can still do what needs to be done on the wedding. I carried a bucket around with me all day just in case. I felt sick all day up until I was preparing to walk down the aisle. Somehow I made it through the hair and makeup appointments as well as all of the pictures. Photos even started 45 minutes late because I was too ill to get dressed. I truly believe that when the moment happens you will be able to hold it together well enough. Delegate everything you possibly can so that you can focus on what you need to do to get ready. I ended up getting rides to all of my appointments by my husband and bridesmaid. It can be done, but I really think you'll feel better if you try to relax and get some rest now. You still have some time.
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