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Registered! and cake tasting!

Even though it was mid-snow storm we made it to Macys to register.
It ended up being so bad we had to leave so we wouldnt get caught in the snow, so we finished up stuff online- and then started our william-sonoma registry.

Did anyone else feel overwhelemed when registering? It felt like there was so much to look at it.

It seemed much easier to me to do it online for william sonoma but we are def. going to go there (in better weather) to check all theitems we put on our registry and make sure we like them.

Also- I REALLY REALLY liked a few household decorative items at pottery barn- so i started a small registry there with like 10 items .I am thinking I am not going to put it on the Shower invitation but instead just list it on my website like "a handful of select decor items available at pottery barn registry" or something--Is that weird?

PS. we tasted cakes too! So good. 
We are thinking of doing a layer of choc with raspberry mouse and then a layer of gold with chocolate ganache. the top layer for us would be white cake with just frosting since itll freeze better.
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Re: Registered! and cake tasting!

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    Yay for registering! I can't wait. We are thinking in February we will take the time to register at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. :) We have made a huge list of things that we want and I have printed our color schemes that we want each of our rooms to be, so hopefully registering won't be so overwhelming. We might even browse things online before we head in.

    But jealous that you have it done already!
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    I suggest browing online before.
    I did that. But even when you get into teh store its still overwheleming. WE decided to focus this trip on kitchen and dining and we are going back to chose linens and bedding.

    It took us 2 hrs at Macys and that was cut short because they were closing for the snowstorm!
    I bet we could have spent 4 hrs if we did bedding.

    If you are chosing china i suggest you narrow it down online WITH fiance. I only looked online at what i liked and he picked these totally different ones and we were SO confused.

    Also, be sure you see everything in the store first, do a loop.
    We registered for casting dishes that i liked, but didn't love, just because i wanted them.
    then while we were looking at toasters i spotted OTHER casting trays (not in their section- pulled out into the aisle because they were on sale) so we had to put those on, then go home and delete the other ones.

    Sometimes the best stuff has been pulled out and put on end caps or on special store displays,so def do a loop first!
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    Thanks for the tips. :)
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    Congrats on registering!!  We are planning to do it within the next month!!  I made a list of things we want, and we are looking at dfferent stores (Target, WalMart, Herberger's)!! I am going to try to register for a few things at each store, Herberger's offers a $25 gift card if you register for 25 unique Items!! :)
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    Oh my god, we registered last week at Macys, and YES, I was completely overwhelmed. DEFINITELY do your research before hand. I've also put a sheet of paper on the fridge for whenever we think of something else that might be nice to register for. It's so much harder, I feel, because FI and I already live together, so the basics we have already....

    But getting the hang of it now, definitely seems easier to go through it online because you can compare the items so much easier. 

    Like PP said, I had the same experience of adding something but then seeing something better you like. 

    Good luck to everyone who is registering soon. 
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