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10 Days 2 go & EVERY DAY a meeting!!

Hi ladies!  Ok, I guess everything is falling together..THIS WEEK!!

Tonight-Meeting with our Pastor
2morrow-Trial Hair run & waxing eyebrows
Thurs- Meeting with the DJ  and Mom is off work-waxing at 12 & seamstress at 3
Fri-Supposed to meet w/photographer but it could be Sat or Sun
Sat-Meeting with the seamstress again

Im working every day next week and only taking off the day of the wedding Fri

I just cant believe I am down to 10 days!

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Re: 10 Days 2 go & EVERY DAY a meeting!!

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    omg same here. yesterday I had to get my daughter enrolled for school since we moved, then tonight we meet with the hall, thursday is my hair trial, and i have a lot of wedding stuff to do tomorrow night and friday night. ALWAYS SOMETHING. lol
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    I wish we had more scheduled!  I have yet to confirm with our DJ and videographer (who was a little b*tchy the last time I emailed him, so I'm waiting for him to contact me.
    10 days!  Eee.
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