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Hi, I am looking for something to purchase for the day of the wedding. I have a ton of bath and body works body spray but I am looking for actual perfume. Any recommendations? I want something that isn't too strong and is I guess sweet and subtle but also might smell romantic if that makes sense? I don't want it to be overpowering or smelly and I have no clue where to start besides going to a department store. Thoughts?

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    I suggest going to a department store (an upscale one like nordstrom) and talking to the person at the perfume counter and taking home samples. We could suggest our favorite sweet perfumes, but you could hate the smell, or its smell could clash with the way you smell naturally. Best to try them for yourself, with advice from someone who knows perfume well.
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    i agree with PP's you have to find whatever you think works best for your taste. Be it sweet, musky, etc.

    I would also go with something light for the day.

    My personal fav perfume I wear allt he time is Givenchy, simply irrestible and I get a lot of compliments on it. I feel like that's "my" scent so I will probably wear that.

    I thinkt hat a really basic transitional perfume if you don't wear it often is Ralph Lauren Romance.
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    I bought a new perfume for the wedding, as my "something new". I played around at the department store until I settled on one, and I suggest you do the same. (I wound up with Marc Jacobs 'Daisy').
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    Thanks ladies! Last time I went to a department store and smelled perfume, everything smelled the same after awhile and it caused a massive headache :( I have no clue what to look for and don't want to smell old and gross. The things I am worrying about now :)
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    I don't wear perfume much but when I do I LOVE clinuque happy, britney spears curious and Victoria secret dream angels. On my wedding Day I am wearing Happy its citrusy and just to me is so summer. I would go in though and try smelling some I also know walmart sells some popular ones alot cheaper than the department stores but you cant sample them there.
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    I love Poppy by coach the orange not the pink one. It's soft and sweet. I wear it almost everyday and it wears well throughout the day so that you can still smell it by the evening.
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    I use Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb.  It's one of the few splurges I allow myself, but it lasts forever! 
    Before I picked it out I went to the department store counter and chose 3 I liked.  I put one on each wrist and the third on my neck so I could test run how they worked on me.  Probably smelled terrible to everyone I passed leaving the store!
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