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Engagement Pictures advice

Hello everyone!  My engagement pictures are Saturday.  What did you guys wear if you did them?  I can't decide between a dress (something I would wear to work) or just a casual sweater.

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Re: Engagement Pictures advice

  • Wear what you feel most comfortable in, you don't want to wear something that you cant be comfortable in, i plan on doing a sweater or just a nice top with nice jeans.
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  • I did three outfits. But you could do just two and do one casual and one a little more dressy!
  • Here is my advice in general.....Take pictures in your outfits....I planned on doing this but I ran out of time because I had an unexpected deadline come up for something else...I feel like it would have been really eye opening. Also, go darker than you think on your jeans....Mine turned out looking alot lighter in my photos then I thought they would....for some reason in some shots they look a bit acid washed too...which ugh. Also, we did two causal looks...but I sort of wish I wore a cute dress in one now. Please have your photographer communicate if your faces don't fiance broke out his gq looks in the photos while I smiled in all of them. Do not smile in all. I tried not to but I was so nervous because we were in a busy park that I could stop nervously laughing. So consider a loosen up drink (unless your someone that looks drunk off of one in photos.....if your not sure...experiment before). If you are not good with your hair under pressure....get it done. I practiced several times before what I was going to do yet 10 minutes before leaving I was straightening frantically because I looked like shirley temple. Also, go heavy on the eye makeup and wear color on the lip even if just a bit. Consider using brow shadow if your brows are semi light in color....this isn't a prob for me but my friends epics look like she has no eyebrows because she has light brown hair.  Finally bring some pictures of cute pics that you have seen other engaged couples do just in case you or your photog can't think of something different at the time.
  • We took our own while out hiking.  We were on vacation and I was wearing jeans and a long-sleeve athletic half zip top.  He was wearing a winter hat & zip up fleece.  It really doesn't matter what you wear - it's just nice having a couple special shots snapped together.  Don't think about it too much Wink
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