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Wedding is August 17th, when should invites go out?

I don't want to send out the invites too soon nor too late..I have the RSVP cards printed out to respond by 7/20 and was thinking maybe sending them out around June 16ish..
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Re: Wedding is August 17th, when should invites go out?

  • I would send them a little earlier than that.  One month, in between the end of the school year, fourth of July, and summer vacations, I'd give guests a little more time.  If you don't want to send too early, how about first thing in June?
  • My wedding is August 4th. I'm sending mine of next Tuesday after the holiday weekend, and my return date is July 14th. This gives me 3 weeks to round up MIA RSVP's and get a final head count. I know usually the general rule of thumb is 6 weeks, but since mine is semi-destination I wanted to get them out a scoosh sooner. Hope this helps.
  • I'm August 18th, and i sent ours out around May 1.  Lots of trips and such are planned in the summer, and Mid-August is orientation/college move-in/etc time. It's best to give extra time for responses.

    We set our RSVP by date to be June 30 (which is a tiny bit early), but we wanted to know the final count early, and give ourselves time to call/track down final numbers since our guest list is fairly large.

    Personally i'd send the invites by the end of May if you can.
  • My wedding is Aug 19th. I plan on sending them out the first week of June.
  • My date is 8/25 & I'm sending after the 4th of July with an rsvp date of 7/31.  I don't want to allow people to sit on them too long.  If I receive invites and see the rsvp date is months away, or even many weeks, I set it aside (and forget!)  I want people to get my invite, realize the rsvp date is a few weeks away and get on it!
  • Mine is August 4th, and I just sent them out today!  I was going to do next week, but hopefully sending them out today it will get to everyone before the holiday.  My RSVP date is July 30, so that gives us 5 weeks to call people who didnt respond and then work on seating arrangements.
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  • I am August 25 and we are probably going to send ours out this week or early next week after the holiday! We have an RSVP date of July 20. We have to have all the meals to the reception venue about 2 weeks prior so we wanted to have time to track down the ones who didn't respond.
  • I'm also August 17th and was going to wait until mid June for the 2 month mark.  FI wanted them sent a bit earlier than that, so we had settled on June 1st, but they are all ready to go and I think I'm going to drop them in the mail this week so they're done and we can give our guests time to plan as it's the last weekend before school starts in our area.  Our RSVP is July 31st which gives us a week to call missing RSVPs before our final meeting with the caterer.
  • Ours is on August 4th and we sent ours out last week! I thought you were supposed to notify guests 8-12 weeks prior? We sent ours out 10 weeks before. RSVP date is on July 20th, this gives us two weeks to contact those who haven't responded.

    I must say that it's a pretty fantastic feeling to open your mailbox to a bunch of RSVPs! Can't wait to receive more:) Happy planning to everyone!
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  • Generally, invites are sent out six to eight weeks ahead of time, but this can vary a lot for different reasons.  Our wedding is August 18, and we are sending them out June 18, with an RSVP date of July 18.  So we will be at the 2 month mark.
  • We are getting married August 18th and I'm hoping to send the invites out next week. My goal has been to get them out on/by June 1st. However, we sent out the international invites a week ago so they'd have extra time to get to and from Mexico and Hong Kong.
  • Our wedding is August 18th, I planned to send them out the first week of June and I still hope to!  Need to get FI to help me print the RSVP envelopes though!!  Also, (this may sound weird but if you knew my Mom you'd understand) with my shower this Sunday my Mom said she better not catch wind of my invites going out before my shower thankyous!  I told her no worries!

    Our RSVP date is July 18th, and I plan to get the invites out no later than the 2nd week of June.
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  • we are August 18 also and mine are going out on May 30 or so. Our RSVP date is July 7 because we have to let our venue know about meals at least 3 weeks in advance and I wanted to have two weeks to call people who haven't responded yet.
  • THANKS to everyone who responded and now Im in a panic LOL! They are still in the box from Davids Bridal..I better get it on it ASAP!  Going for stamps today!  Now I have a general idea of the RSVP dates do coincide around the time we have to meet at the venue
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  • I'm August 18th also, mine went out last Monday.. I was just following TK timeline that said 3 month mark.
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  • Oh my now I'm in a panic after reading this as well! I better get to stuffing my invites so mine can go out soon! My wedding is August 25th! 
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  • I think this weekend, I will at least get them assembled, RSVP cards put in and stamped, get some addressed...We still haven't had time to go and register anywhere and I am wondering if I should register anywhere? Im sooo overwhelmed right now..YIKES!
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  • I would definitely try to register around the same time as sending them out. FI and I are also August 17th, we mailed our May 20th with a RSVP by July 20th. :) 
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