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Photos and Recap of our wedding weekend - 8.17 and 8.18

Hi Ladies. Been married almost two weeks now and I've really enjoyed reading about all your amazing days. I accepted the best wedding gift ever (a new position, at a company way closer to home for more money! My interviews were the two days before the wedding). So needless to say I am just getting around to posting some pictures from friends on facebook. It'll still be a few weeks before we get out photos from our photographer. 

All in all, as a budget bride (I call myself the DIY coupon queen!), our wedding was amazing. We did it over two days to make it easier for us and we lucked out with two PERFECT weather days in a row for Northern Illinois. No rain, no humidity, no bugs, sunshine and a slight breeze.  I couldn't have come up with better weather if I tried, so that was a huge relief for us. 

Recap: We had an outdoor ceremony in a Garden/ Greenhouse/ Antique store on Friday evening. I couldn't believe how calm I was all day on Friday. My FI left our home Friday morning with his best man and I kept waiting for it to hit me. I was okay until my hair stylist put my veil in.... that looked very bridal to me! Took my breath away for a minute. We picked the perfect photographer for our personalities (Trysh with Jolie Images). She was respectful of my fiance (he does NOT like photos,) but was able to get all the shots I wanted since they are so important to me (i'm a scrapbook nerd :)  

Our ceremony was short and sweet. My husband isn't a emotional guy so when I saw him getting choked up and looking at the ground, I thought I was going to lose it! We made eye contact and started laughing we were both able to pull it together. We had too much sand in the two separate jars so as my husband was pouring his it actually overfilled and spilled all over the table. It make for a super cute photo, and our officiant made a joke about us having too much love to fit in the vessel. After group photos and family shots we walked the grounds just us with the photographer and I think we got some really great photos at sunset. We only had close family and friends to the ceremony day so we hosted a amazing dinner for 50 ppl in their event room. 

on Saturday we headed up early to his parents house where our outdoor tent reception was being held for 200 ppl. I designed and created all our centerpieces and decorations and he had alot of work to do to set up the tables and all the beer tubs and open bar area. Our caterer showed up early to grill the bourbon beef sirlon and balsamic vegtables which was a great extra touch. ppl raved about the food, so even though we had ALOT (like 25) no shows, my husband made me realize that people were able to go back several times if they wanted so it all worked out. 

I am so thankful we decided to do it over two days. On Friday we were able to focus just on getting married and enjoying that moment. on Saturday we had the time to setup everything ourselves without having to pay anyone to do it and still throw the huge party we wanted to give our guests. We had a photobooth and LOTs of glowsticks. the dancefloor was always full and the phootbooth was a huge hit!

After 9.5 years together I am finally a Mrs. We have been committed to each other for a long time, so marriage doesn't feel that different. I think my favorite part is looking down at my wedding band and smiling on a daily basis. 

I've really enjoyed chatting with you ladies during all this planning. I'm already on the nest, so I'll see you there! 

Now... the photos!
Waking in with my dad

The bristol bottles were full of glass beads and lit up. The placecards were made from wine corks.

I made enough of these bottles for 30 tables. Once it was time for the reception, ever table had 3 LED votive inside the botles

The Mr. and Mrs. was made from slices of wine corks


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