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I have decided to get my bridesmaids each a robe with their name on that they will be able to wear while we get ready day of wedding.  I also wanted to get the girls something that fits their personality.  I am stuck on my FI sister and my FI is no help.  He told me to get her a bottle of alcohol.  She is just finishing up her 2nd year at college at SU.  She use to be into sports and drama, but since college not so much.  She is all about the parties and going to the SU games.  Any one have any suggestions of what I can get her?  TIA

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Re: bridesmaid gifts

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    Maybe an SU apparel item?  Like a sweatshirt, jacket, hat, pants, etc?  If she loves the college then that would probably go over well!! :)

    Also, FI may not be as "unhelpful" as you think, because if she is really into partying, a bottle of alcohol probably would work for her!
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    What about tickets to an SU Football or SU Basketball game?  I'm from Syracuse and there are some really big games coming up in the falls season.
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    I have a cool wine bottle holder is a high heel shoe. Made out of clay. But if shes still in school might not be into wine as much yet. I got it in a winery but im sure is you search could find something simliar.
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    Personalized flask? 
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    Eyejewel,  my MOH is a shoe and wine fanatic... so that seems like a perfect idea!  I had not seen that before but i just saw a few cute shoe wine holders on Amazon after reading your post. Thank you! :)  
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