August 2012 Weddings

Another breakthrough!!

Last night, FI and I talked a lot about the wedding. We're on such a tight budget, thankyouverymuchstudentloans. We had a long talk about what was "us," and what made sense and what we wanted.

We made a list of our top 3 priorities. Mine were 1. to marry him, 2. to have a big white dress, and 3. to eat good food.
His were 1. to marry me, 2. to eat good food and 3. to eat good cake.

That being said, we decided a roman theme might be too cost ineffective, so we've changed it to a "vintage" theme. Vintage meaning 1950s, homespun lace and frills kind of stuff (not vintage glamour, YKWIM?)

I'm so excited!
Updated 8/9!
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