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August 2012 Weddings

Bridesmaids and Brothers - opinions wanted

So, I need some opinions because I'm afraid I'm getting annoyed for no reason - or too soon.  Of course FI is being super supportive, but he's also close to the situations - and of course there's 2!

The first is pretty simple.  My father passed away several years ago and so I've decided to have my Mom, who I've very close to, walk me down the aisle.  This has been the plan since FI and I got engaged back in April, and it hasn't been a secret.

Apparently last week at my Niece's birthday party it came up that my mom is walking me down the aisle.  My Mom told me that supposedly my Brother mumbled something like 'well that solves that' in the manner that he was expecting to be the one doing it.  I have no idea why he would think he was walking me down the aisle, especially given our distant relationship.  I could go into why this really bothers me, but the real question is: should I talk to him about this or just let it go and move on?  I don't want him to be holding some grudge for the next 10 months, but at the same time it would make zero sense for him to walk me down the aisle.  Also - I don't' even know if he's really upset.

The other issue I'm dealing with is 2 of my Bridesmaids - my sister and sister-in-law (my brother's wife) live back east.  FI and I have offered to fly them out here for a weekend so that we can all have a nice relaxing weekend and pick out Bridesmaid's dresses.  I sent an email to all of my bridesmaids awhile back asking for them to start thinking about dates so we can look at plane tickets.  I received no reply from them.  My sister keeps telling me all kinds of reasons she hasn't thought past December and how hard it is for her to travel.  Mind you, she's gone to visit her friend in Chicago several times and just went down to Florida for a yearly Halloween trip.

I need to know when they're coming out so we can budget plane tickets, but also because my job starts scheduling pretty far out in advance.  FI thinks we should give them until Xmas to get things in order and then if they can't give us a weekend of their time just tell them what dress to buy and that will be that - we'll spend the money else where. 

What are your thoughts?
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