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NWR: So happy :)

I am so happy...the week is finally over and it has been a hell at work...but more imporantly my FI is finally home from being gona all week traveling for work...I hate when he is going because I don't like being home alone, I hear everything and really I just look silly talking to the cat as much as I do....anyway...just thought I would share :)
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Re: NWR: So happy :)

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    Oh...and my first out of town guests booked their flights today for our wedding!!!  They our are friends from MN coming to Philly!! YEAHHH!
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    I feel you on how lonley it is with the FI being gone, my FI works 2 hrs away wed-fri. He stays at his moms house every week from tuesday evening until saturday afternoon. I hate having him gone so much, I keep asking him to look harder for a job around here but he thinks it will be a big pay cut so he hasn't been applying for much
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    My advice...stay busy and out of the quiet house as much as possible. My FI is in the Navy and has been deployed about a year and a half if the last 2 years, so I am alone a lot. Just keep busy and he will be back before you know it. PS: I talk to my weiner dogs alot too:
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