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When are you sending out your invitations? I just finished addressing and stamping ours last night and I'm anxious to get them out. I was thinking of putting them in the mail on Tuesday after the holiday weekend, but after reading some posts, I feel like a lot of you are waiting. I don't want to send them out too soon!
If it matters, we probably have about half of the guests coming from out of town (2 or more hours away driving).

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    We are sendingo ours out on June 15th. ;-)
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    i2012doi2012do member
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    Mine are going out June 18th
    Ouyr invitiation lady hasnt even started them !
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    Sometime at the end of June

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    We are sending them out sometime at the start of June. Still in the process of printing them off.
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    I am getting my invites the second week of right after that :)

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    rungirl12rungirl12 member
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    I'm sending mine around the 4th of July.  Our rsvp date is July 31st.  I don't want people to have the chance to sit on them too long and forget to rsvp.

    Oh, and this might sound terrible, but the people I really want there already know the date (via word of mouth and save the dates).  The people we were obligated to invite (like certain relatives), I honestly am not concerned if they have other plans.  That may sound terrible, but the super close people already know the date and have it marked.
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    Ours went out about a week and a half FMIL and I both had lots of people asking about them, and I had them all ready to go out so I decided to go for it! We have a lot of guests who are out of town, and that is the weekend before school starts in our area so we wanted to give people time for planning also. Our RSVP date is July 23...we have to have our final headcount to our venue 30 days in advance. We are getting RSVPs back daily so it's super fun to check the mail!
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    Thanks girls! And rungirl, I completely agree with you on extended family members. I could honestly careless if most of those people I was obligated to invite show up. We are inviting 203 and I'm hoping about 30 people don't come. That sounds terrible! haha

    I think I might send them out next week or wait until the week after. Our RSVP date is July 20 so I do want to give some of the out of town guests time. Thanks again! :) Hope everyone has a great long weekend.

    Oh and yay for being 3 months out from today!!!
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    I'm August 26th Bride.
    It depends on where you are, with my circle, the sooner - the better. August is a very busy month for Seattleers.

    So my invites went out 2 weeks ago, but I didn't do STDs. Already got half of RSVPs back. Four friends called saying that it was good timing because they were on the verge of booking their vacations so they were thankful for the early headsup.  

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    We're planning on sending them out June 29th, but I'll probably end up sending them a week or so before then... they're already just sitting in a box ready to go lol
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