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Registry Nightmare - Hi! I'm New!

Hi girls!

I'm new to this August board. All this time I've been participating in the wedding location board, but it looks like the wedding month board is where it's at! I love how active you guys are! I'm getting married August 18th, so we are in full effect with wedding planning now! My apologies in advance, I'm not too familiar with all the acrononyms. 

Anyway, yesterday my fiance and I went to register. We figured we'd try to get a headstart on things, and boy was it a distaster. Apparently I didn't do all my homework! I thought I'd just figure it out as I go, boy was that a stupid thought! I just moved in with my fiance and he was living in the ultimate bachelor pad until then. He still has dinnerware from college! So we are completely starting from scratch. It didn't occur to me that I should take some time to figure out color schemes, fabrics, and those kinds of things. 

I guess my question is, how did you all figure it out? Did you go in knowing exactly what you wanted or did you just add a bunch of stuff over time? Are there websites that have lookbooks or color combinations to mix and match? Anything? I've been on every furniture/home goods website all day and I'm so overwhelmed, my head is spinning! Would love to hear your thoughts! 

Re: Registry Nightmare - Hi! I'm New!

  • If you go to the Bed Bath & Beyond website, you can request a free Registry guide that has selections for everything and anything. I'm sure other places may have something similar, but I am using them so it was convenient for me. Hope this helps and welcome!!!
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  • Hi there!  My fiance and I haven't started registering but one thing I'm doing beforehand is going through and making wishlists. We plan to register at Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, and Sears, so basically what I've been doing is going through their websites and comparing items, prices, etc.  I'm added them to wishlists that I'll then print and take with us when we go to the store to register.  I'm not making any final decisions, so for a few items (an immersion blender, to name one), I've added a couple different kinds so that I can compare in store.  This is probably more work than is necessary, but I'm afraid I'll be overwhelmed when I get in the store so I think having a list to guide me will help. 
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  •  Before we went to register, we talked about colors for the kitchen and living room and decided on bathroom colors based on the shower curtains that we liked :)  The most helpful thing was to download a registry checklist...we got ours from bed bath and beyond but you can find them other places I'm sure. We went and registered in the store, but then we have continued to edit the registries online. Most stores allow you to add and delete items online which is really helpful!

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  • We talked about colors too, but we ended up changing it halfway through registering when we saw a comforter we loved :).  Honestly, we just went through the store and had fun, and then it is so easy to change your registry after the fact online if you miss anything or decide you don't like what you picked.
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  • My FI and I walked around Bed Bath and Beyond exhausted one night after work and registered for a bunch of items.
    The next night when we got home from work we researched what was the best iron, best toaster oven, etc. Then changed our registry at home.

    Then a few weeks later we went to Macy's and did the same thing. 
    I find it easier to register from the computer. Less stress and can do it on your own time!  ie. while watching tv :)

    good luck!! 
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  • We set up our registries online, then went to the store and had a lady walk us around for about an hour, feeling overwhelmed the whole time.  Then, I went home and spent hours registering with less pressure and it was fun and easy.
  • Thank you all so much for your advice. These are all so helpful! I feel a little bit better now. phew! :)
  • One thing I'll caution about registering online is that many items online are not available in stores and are not well marked as such. Many people are comfortable ordering online but some people are not. Make sure you have *at least* a few items on your registry that are available in-store for the anti-online-shoppers as well as the last-minute-shoppers.
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