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Eeerrr-- cousins gf aggravating

So yesterday I got a facebook message from my cousins girlfriend. (background: he's been dating her a year and a half they  "kind" of live together. shes kind of immature and sassy. one time my mom was joking at xmas and my mom and aunt had on aprons and threw one to her and said "heres urs" she threw it on the ground and said "I DONT DO aprons!" she is really self conscious so i think a lot of this 8*tchyness comes from that)

anyway her message read :
"Hi Jen, I know I rsvp'd yes to your shower (mind you, i am not the contact. my aunt and moh are, and i only know the date. tiem place. no details)...but unfortunately I took a gig babysitting overnight. anyway, i was hoping i can bring this little girl w me that i babysit. She is 6 and pretty well behaved. i wouldnt ask if i thought it'd be a big deal. let me know"

so i responded "hi sophie, unfortuntealy i dont know many details about my shower,so I really can't help you. You should contact my mom for more information"

So last night hse made my cousin CALL my mom and ask if she can bring tis random 6 yr old girl.
When my mom said we weren't having any children at teh shower, and asked that htey NOT bring a strange little girl that no one knew... my cousin said ok and hung up.

Now I got a message from his girlfriend again "Sorry i can't come to your shower because the little girl i babysit for could not be accomodated. Hopefully I will see you soon!"

Um..... was i wrong to say we didnt want a random 6 yr old girl that NO ONE knows at my shower....
i feel like its totally rude to bother "the bride" about crap like this!!
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Re: Eeerrr-- cousins gf aggravating

  • Wow that IS kinda rude... and obnoxious. She should have strictly gone to the contact for the shower stuff. Ugh. All she had to do is say flat out that she had gotten a babysitting gig and couldn't make it afterall. No harm, no foul. :(
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  • Yes, she is rude and you were NOT rude.  I wouldn't know how to answer that as I also don't know the first thing about my shower other than the day & time.  It is very weird for her to ask that - and strange if the girl's parents were willing to let her go to that.  She should have went to the contact and to write you a snide remark is just ridiculous!
  • This is rude, but it's a blessing because now she won't be there!!!
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    haha no she didn't say that!! lolI thought about that after I read it that it looked like thats what she said because the way I typed it

    my mom said we weren't having any children at the shower. And that other family members had already asked to bring children and she said no, so she couldn't bend the rules- it might cause family issue etc.
    Which in al honesty is the truth.
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