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Thumb Print Poster

I need opinions!!
We have our poster now, which is my old car and balloon strings coming up off of it - NOW, do we use ink in our wedding colors for the balloons, or do I get a rainbow of colors and use a lot of different colors on the poster? 
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Re: Thumb Print Poster

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    We did a guest book tree, and our wedding colors are blue and pink with taupes. We elected to choose reds/oranges for the leaves as it was best fittin gfor our home after the wedding was finished. Hope this helps.
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    Were also doing a thumb print tree. Our whole wedding is flowers and earthy tones so we went with moss green, yellow and peony.
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    Now that I think about it again, I do like MrsChaos idea of doing it in the colors that will match where you want to hang it in your home.
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    I voted rainbow colors because not sure how good brown will look as a thumbprint.  If you don't want something that loud you could also pick some softer pastel inks.  I had people sign a mat to go around a picture and provided black/silver/gold sharpies even though the wedding colors were blue and white.  I think the basic colors I provided will look better with a wedding pic framed.
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    I guess it depends on what you are hoping to do with it and what your tastes are as far as home decor.  If you are planning on displaying it at home, I'd think about what goes more with your decor.  If you plan on stashing it away or hanging it at work or in the basement or something, then I think it's all about preference.  I feel that your colors are a bit "less loud" and more subtle, but I LOVE colors, so I would be all about multi-color.
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    Just an idea, but you might want to have wet wipes next to the poster... I can so see some well-meaning flower girl or relative stamping their thumb in ink and then giving you a nice big hug in your clean white dress. Eek!
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    hahaha yeah we have alcohol wipes for the guests to use for wiping the ink off their thumbs :) 

    And we're thinking rainbow at this point. We are in an apartment and our living area is mainly browns and greens but not by choice as my aunt gave us our current furniture. We're getting new stuff when we get a house and that will be red - so rainbow should work well because I like bright colors :) 

    Thanks for the input ladies!!!
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