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Pregnant MOH!

My MOH just found out she's 7 weeks pregnant! I'm now worried that her dress- which is kind of a tight fitting dress isn't going to fit her!! She's has it since this past August so it's even something that she just bought!!
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Re: Pregnant MOH!

  • I hope you told her you were happy for her and didn't freak out ab her dress first thing when she told you. A baby trumps your wedding and as your MOH I'm sure she loves you and will do everything she can to be there for you on your special day. Make sure you return the favor!
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  • Of course I told her I was happy for them!!! I would neve dream of putting the dress for my wedding before her baby- which is why I haven't discussed it with her and came on here to vent about it!!
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  • She'll be about 6 months by the wedding, right? Can you get her a different dress, so she has 'room to grow'? It won't be a huge deal if all of your bridesmaid's dresses don't match. And even if hers is the only one that's different, it's still okay.
  • Congrats to your MOH. Don't worry just yet. Everyone starts to show at different times, I didn't start showing until about 5 months and mycousin was actually able to wear her regular pants all through her pregnancy. Wait and see what happens, maybe she will be able to let the dress out a little if she only has a little bump. If she does end up needing a new dress they have some really cute maternity ones.

    If the wedding and pregnancy seem to be too much for her try to be patient and supportive, pregnancy emotions can be very overwhelming and adding them to wedding planning may be stressful for both of you (I really hope this isn't an issue for you, just letting you know to be prepared and if she gets moody don't take it personally, its probably just the hormones)
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  • Contact the store where the BMs got the dresses.  They may be able to help or at  least give you some advice.  She could have side panels put in--maybe the bridal store has sashes in the same color that you could get to use as extra material--to add a little bit of room if she needs it. 

    My MOH is due 4 weeks before the wedding--and went 2 weeks late in a previous pregnancy--and the store where we got the BM dresses from was pretty helpful when we were trying to figure out what to order for her.
  • Congrats! My MOB who is my sister is prego too! This is number four for her so this is not her first rodeo. I have decided to let my BM,s pick thier own dresses because my wedding is informal. She had already found her.dress when they news came about number four, so she knows that she will need a backup plan and is waiting until June/July to find one for her belly bump. She's actually due the week of my wedding which is a destination wedding in San Diego. I sugest a backup plan and because she's the MOH be flexible if she doesn't match perfectly. Afterall its about the person and not the dress.
  • My MOH, who happens to be my oldest daughter, just found out she was pregnant...5 weeks & 5 days!  I'm not sure what makes me happier, the idea that I'm marrying the man of my life or that I'm going to be a grandmother! 

    Any way, we bought her dress from DB and they are allowing us to exchange for a bigger size.  We don't know how big she'll be so we got LARGE so that we can have it taken in to fit.

    Good luck!
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