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I'm married :)

Our wedding was yesterday. In the morning I felt horribly sick, likely from nerves. I ended up not being able to help at all with decorating the reception site. Thankfully my husband was able to drop everything off there and give enough instructions to get people going. The best man's wife took charge and they got everything done. I felt sick off and on until I walked down the aisle. I tried to eat, but everytime I did I felt sick. I was so thankful that I survived the day. It started raining in the middle of our outdoor photos, but it cleared up in time for the receiving line to be outside. A bunch of things didn't happen....we had bubbles for the exit but because I was so sick they never got passed out and we didn't end up grabbing the bags for the dollar dance out of the car. We ended up shutting down the reception early because there was only 6 of us there past 11pm.

In the end it really reminds me that none of that stuff matters and I was just glad to be able to survive the ceremony and reception without throwing up. Kinda puts things into persepective. It really was a beautiful wedding.

I hope that you all have/had a wonderful wedding day.

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