August 2012 Weddings


Had our wedding on Friday.  We were able to do all the decorating on Thursday and we had lots of hands available to help.  Everything came together beautifully and I'm very anxious to get pictures back from the photographer!  After decorating and getting our nails done, we went to rehearsal.  Our flower girl (3 1/2 years) took it very seriously.  She kept shushing all the bridal party members while they were waiting to enter the sanctuary and demonstrating how to twirl in my "princess dress!"  Rehearsal dinner was amazing and Husband's :) parents had several good friends help host.  FI's daughter was staying with me Thursday night, so we went back to the hotel fairly early and got to bed! 
Friday morning I was wide awake at a quarter to 6, so I just went with it!  Got ready and then headed to town for hair appointments.  Went straight to the church and enjoyed Subway that the boys picked up on their way and gave the girls their gifts.  Got dressed and headed to a local park for some outdoor photos (weather, by the way, was 74, a few light clouds, and the slightest breeze, just perfect!). 
Ceremony went beautifully.  One of our readers is the son of my late grandfather's wife.  He began with saying how much grandpa would have loved to see this moment and would have blessed with his signature approval phrase "this is alright" and I was done for!  Thank goodness MOH's dress had pockets we had filled with kleenex! 
Dance was great and our DJ amazing.  We got a ton of compliments on what a good job he did.  Everything was so stress free, hotel took care of everything.  Food was delicious and everyone got along so well.  Looking out at the tables, I was very happy to see that people seemed to match themselves up perfectly by personalities at the tables! 
Overall, I noticed a few little oops along the way, but it was really tiny stuff and I chose not to even say anything!  At the dance, we were getting ready for the garter toss and I realized that I hadn't put it on and my sister had to go track it down!  About 15 minutes later, we were ready to go.  She was such a trooper throughout the whole week!  Throughout the planning process I second guessed EVERYTHING, but after living the day, I wouldn't have changed a thing.  Here's hoping that everyone else enjoys their day and their marriage as much as I did/do!

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