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Questions- kids table and OOT guests

Hi Everyone,
   Less than 3 weeks to go here :) We just decided to have a kids table. There will be 2 4-year olds, 3 6-year olds, 3 8-year olds, and a 12 year old. The 12 year old and the 8 year old are girls, teh rest are boys. I would like to have a coloring book and crayons at the table for the younger kids, but any other ideas of what I can have at the table for them?

Also, we have about 20 rooms booked for Out Of Town Guests booked, and I want to have welcome bags with a welcome letter. It will have water, aspiring, snacks... anything else? What do you say in the welcome letter?

Re: Questions- kids table and OOT guests

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    I did kids busy bags for the kids, so each kid got an individual bag.  For the older girls, I put in some little prepackaged craft projects I got on clearance at Joann's (a kit to make a headband, some origami paper, etc.) I also put puzzles in there (like Sudokus, word finds, etc.)  I put some playing cards in there, too.  I also had a quite a few younger boys (ages 4-6), so I put some little toy cars in theirs.  I also found some little magic tricks for the kids to work on.  Basically, my criteria was that it be age appropriate, quiet and mess-free.  Good luck!
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    Thanks! I love the crafts ideas for the girls- they will love that... and the cars and puzzles for the boys. Perfect!
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    In my welcome bags all I put was snacks and water. I also made a door hanger for the hotel doors that said, "I partied all night at Eric & Jodie's wedding" I found a template on microsoft word and modified it in my colors and motif to work for me. I found a little poem to attach to the outside of the bag on a tag. I don't have the wording of the poem with me, I'm at work right now. I can't repost it on here later if I remember.
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    Jodie- that's a really cute idea! I think I might have to incoude those too :)
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