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August 2012 Weddings

Dress help- pip

So. I spent all day from 10:30-6"30 pm dress shopping. and i am lost. Some of the samples don't fit me, and i can't try them on. The samples that do fit, i hate. I am aprehensive to buy a dress that has not been on my body.

I found TWO i lreally really like. but i cant put them on, because the samples are a 4 and a 6. So in reality like a 0 and a 2, and i cant fit them over my chest (damn my boobies!!)

anyway- i don't know how i feel about spending thousands of dollars on a dress Ive never had on. I have tried on similar styles and stuff so i think thats ok.

At any rate- I am getting tired of putting on dress after dress i don't like. And I feel like i have a VERY clear vision of what i want but that the consultants either aren't listening, or are simply handing me samples i fit into. Is this happening for anyone else?

Anyway- Here are two that i have narrowed down in two different stores that i love. but i cant get the tingles. im not sure if i should just buy whichever one i decide on or not. Alos I REALLY love the first one but then i looked at photos of girls in it online (there are no stock photos for this designer) and sometimes, i t looked Sloppy on the girls- KWIm?


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