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Last Deposit

Just put down my last big deposit.  Now, it's time to bank that money.  Anyone stressing and feeling they may have to scale back.  I am debating deleting my cocktail hour.  Any idea's on cutting costs without using family or friends. Everything is already booked and I don't know anyone with these special talents so I have to cut costs somewhere.
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Re: Last Deposit

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    I am feeling your same pain!!  We are paying for the entire wedding ourselves and have had those same way to save doing the escort cards in frames..and then that frame serves as a favor as can get those frames for about $1.17 which if you eliminate the favor that is a decent savings.  Another thing to save money is I have hit up there are a lot of things that you can buy from others that have never been use but being sold at discounted rates.  Another thing to consider you don't want to start your married life in debt, so stay within your means and it will be an AMAZING day!  
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    First congrats! Isn't it crazy how close we are getting to our big days?! It's nice to be to the point where a lot of the major things are put into place.

    My first detailed "want" list for the wedding was written down in pencil. Every time I realized I needed to scale back I would erase something. The list is basically the essentials for what we want. We don't need to go beyond our means for the wedding, especially since I'm also in my last year of graduate school.

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    Congrats oon the progress! I really feel behind now. Anywhoser, I would say a good way to cut cost without having any handy helpers would be look at your reception and see what you can do away with. For example I am usuing  candles and glass beads  instead of flowers for color and drama. I also am not having color table clothes or chair covers and sashes only our chairs will have something on them, and I am making the "Mr. and Mrs." sign myself.  Also we aren't paying for anyones alcohol which can save you alot depending on your guests.
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    i feel the same way
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