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Attending other Weddings---Notice everything?

Am I the only one or do you notice EVERY detail at other people's weddings.

A long time ago I metnioned I wasn't sure if I could go to my good friends wedding because it was going to cost us a ton of money to go etc. But we ended up going this weekend and it was SO fun.
the wedding was beautiful and my firend looked gorgeous. She usually rarely wears makeup or dresses up and even the priest and the viedographer said she looked amazing like a model in her dress, like she came off the page of a bridal magazine.

ButI found myself noticing EVERY detail and when i would comment on tiny little things, people would look at me like "how did you notice that"

so then it got me thinking. I am obsessing over all these tiny details at my wedding- and NO ONE is probably going to notice other than girls that already got married or girls planning their weddings.

Also I want to note that the poor bride- three girls stood up adn ROASTED her for a speech and omg I felt so bad for her, and awful. And someone wore a long white dress!!


Anyway- has anyone else been going to weddings and feeling like they have Spidey sense and are picking up on every tiny detail.

Also, the things that you think are SO strandard at all "nice" weddings. Where the girl really planned. People noticed. Like for example the hotel had a breakfast and people were all Wow-ed by that and im like "i think most brides looking for hotels, might look for one that has extras like a pool or breakfast for her guests" i mean common sense. but people gave her TONS of credit for that. So it's good to know when u go the extra mile- people appreciate it!
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