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So excited!

Tomorrow is the start of summer for me! Today is my last exam for this semester, and I opted to not take any classes this summer. (I really don't need to, so I'm not going to suffer in the fall.) I'm finally going to be able to really spend time on working on the wedding and taking care of my mom without worrying if I'm forgetting a paper or did I finish that assinment. Now if I could only get paid without working... JK!  Laughing 

PS: We're taking our first set of e-pix in 2 weeks! (yippie!)

Re: So excited!

  • Yay!  I'm in the same boat.  I already had one final at 8am, and now I'm "studying" for my second one at noon (I really am, this is a break, I swear!)  This is the first summer EVER that I'm not taking summer classes and my plans are to get all my DIY templates done for our paper stuff, lose weight then take our e-pics, solidify bigger vendors, start dress shopping, and make hundreds of paper flowers.

    I'm so glad you're doing the same this summer Jesika!  We're gonna be so productive and it will be nice to bounce ideas off of someone.  How often do you plan on being on TK?  I'm glad someone still plans to be around :)
  • Jesika-

    I was just checking out your bio (I'm kind of a bio stalker) and saw that you did VP post cards for your RSVPs.  Chris and I were planning on doing this too, but I had a question.  I haven't ordered post cards from VP yet (I will for our STDs though), and was curious if the front was too glossy to write on.  I want to do a mad-lib RSVP (it's actually already designed on Photoshop), but I'm not sure if people will be able to write on the glossy side.  I might just print the return address side on the "front" that's glossy if it doesn't seem like someone could easily write on it.

    Let me know if you think they could :)

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    Yay! I am getting really excited because summer hours to start after memorial day-- we get out at 3:00 on Fridays!
    I'm really excited. I know its not that early (we leave around 5:00 every nigt) but it really makes a difference. It also makes such a difference because at my old job I used to work 8-7 or 8 at night... and my new job is just like "leave at 3, have a good weekend, if we need you well bbm you!"

    AHHHH can't wait for summer nad sangria on my patio :)

    ALSO Jesika- I Really love how your hangers came out on your bio!
    I actually just ordered a bride" hanger from etsy that was "on sale" it had a kink in it and the girl marked it down- doesn't matter to me... It will still look nice in photos.

    I wanted to make hangers for my girls since I am making them the robes!
    I think that would be great to put a bow with teh cute hangers and have the robes hanging on them!

    I might steal the idea with the initial!
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  • Jaqcui- isn't it grand! I plan on being on TK  A WHOLE DARN LOT this summer! I know that when fall hits and I've got to start classes again, I'm not going to be on as much. I plan to DIY until I can't stand it any more. One project a week has been frustrating me more then anything! example: I got the hangers 2 weeks b4 i was able to stop and paint them 3 days later i was able to add the letters! It's SO frustrating! I plan my days off work around my mom's dr appts so it's like I really never got a day off. This summer is going to rock!

    As to the post cards, they are really glossy. If you wanted to write on them, you'd have to use something like a sharpie. But they do offer a matte finish, it costs; but it might be worth it for what you want.

    Jen- I totally understand you on the work thing! I manage my restaurant 3x a week, and don't get out until abt 3am! Then FH has to get up @ 4 am to go to work! (He's picking up HT for the next year so that we can have an awesome honeymoon- He's amazing!)

    The hangers were super easy and really cheap! Feel free to steal it.  I ordered mine off of ebay. The initials came from that amazing store HL, but I don't doubt you can get them from Joann's or Michaels too. They were in the scrapbook section. Mine is going to be a little different. I wanted to put MRS A on them but can't get it to fit so I'm putting my first and his last initial, pix should be up by later today!  Smile
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    Pugh excited to see the last hanger There isn't a hobby lobby around here :(. Just a michaels! Which is fine because every week I head to michaels w coupons in hand
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