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Bachelorette Party last night!! :D PIP!

My girls and I went out for my bachelorette party last night! We had dinner at a french restaurant down town, then went went to a spy themed bar called Safe House, then we hit up Coyote Ugly and a country bar. Now, I don't drink mind you - but I had SO much fun! I haven't gone bar hopping down water street since before I had my daughter. I got hit on a LOT and there were sailors on leave and so the streets were full of them - one even bought us all a round of drinks at the Safe House :D 

At the Safe House if you don't know the password (which I did even tho I hadn't been there before!) --- OR if you're in a big party like a bachelorette party... you have to do something goofy before they will let you in (and this is all on video for the people who are inside the bar already to watch on the screens throughout the Safe House) -- well they made my girls kneel in front of me and raise one hand and sing "For She's a jolly good fellow!" and then they had me stand against the wall and they each got to give me one spank before we could go in. LOL When we walked in after this some SKEEZY guy is likke "Hey you gotta come over HERE for your spanking!" />.< NOPE. LOL guys down there have some big ol balls I tell ya! 

Here's some pics!!!

Ready to go out: 

At Dinner

Dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly (SOBER!!!) 


AND I was in 5-1/4 inch high heels all night so dancing on that bar in those is ridiculous. LOL

With my cousins - my Matron of Honor (left) and my maid of honor (right)

I had SUCH a blast :D
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