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UH OH! Sunburn!

My FI and I went on a walk yesterday that took longer than expected and I discovered last night that I have a sunburn with some awesome tanlines that are not going to look pretty with my dress that I'm wearing in 18 days... Any sugguestions on how I even this out? I was thinking of putting suncreen on the burned area and then laying out to get color on the rest of by body...

Re: UH OH! Sunburn!

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    Put vinegar on your sunburned parts and keep it on as long as you can stand it. Then shower it off. That will keep you from peeling. Then maybe go to a tanning salon and ask for help, they may know what to do. That or try the Jergens self tanning lotion since it doesnt turn you orange but should help you even out.
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    the Jergen's lotion with the self tanner in it works really well for evening out tan lines. It will take 2-3 days to start working.
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    First apply aloe to start healing the burn and prevent peeling.  Then use Jergen's self tanning lotion to even out the lines.
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    Cocanut oil is really good for burns. Ditto jergens.
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    Definitely try the Jergens stuff, but first take care of the burn. Aloe vera to ease the sting and redness, then cocoa butter to prevent scales and peeling. You've got enough time for the burn to go away and the tan to settle down or even fade a little. Good luck!
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    Try the Jergens Natural Glow lotion. Seriously - it helps. I'm only 3 days into using mine and most of my tanlines are almost totally gone, only a couple remain up on my shoulders. :D

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