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Ok I've been reading all these exciting invite posts, and I'm starting to panic...when are you sending your invites out.  I was going to wait until the last week in June, but is this too late?  HELP!

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Re: August 24th Brides

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    I'm not an August 24 bride, but I am an August 18 bride.  We are sending ours out mid-August, so it sounds like we are both sending them out about two months ahead of time.  Honestly, unless there is some sort of special circumstance, I don't think you need to send them out any sooner than that.
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    I'm an August 11th bride, but I posted this exact same fear last week because a lot of August brides were getting RSVPs. We are not sending our until June 11, 2 months ahead of time. That way people will get them about one month ahead of our July 25 RSVP date. Thats probably the best I've heard is 1 month prior to RSVP date, unless you have a lot of OOT guests.

    It seems scary, but I promise, you're fine!
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    I'm an August 18th bride. I sent mine out at the 3 month mark. Mainly because all of our guests are traveling, except for a select few. However, my reply by date isn't until 3 weeks before the wedding... so my RSVPs have been coming in slow with people holding off I guess...

    I have a friend getting married Aug. 25th and I have not received her invite yet... I think you can mail anytime from now until Mid June and be ok.
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    I'm August 25th and waiting until after the 4th of July.  Our rsvp date is July 31st giving us over 3 weeks to gather missing replies and get a count to the caterer which is not needed until something like 3 or 7 days prior.
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    I'm an August 25th bride, we will send our invites at the beginning of July with an Aug 1st RSVP date.  I didn't want to send invites too early, I know that I am pretty forgetfull when I receive an invite a couple months in advance and the RSVP usually gets stuck at the bottom of a pile of mail for some reason.  
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    Sent mine out at the 3 month mark for many reasons, but mainly 1 we did not send save the dates, 2 60 percent are traveling or have to request off work, 3 my friends with children are booking summer vacations right now, and 4 I needed to know what family could come so I could invite more friends! my family will not be there, but fi's family is huge! there's no pressure, but darn is it fun to get RSVPs. Go 8/24!!!
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    I am shooting for 6/24, no later than 7/1... very few of my guests are OOT and those that are will probably not come anyway and we sent out STDs to almost everyone.
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    I'm also August 25 and aiming to send invites around June 25. We have OOT guests but they already received Save the Dates (all of our guests did).
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    I'm an Aug 25th bride and I'm picking up my invites tonight and I'm hoping to send them all out tomorrow.  I have many guests - most of whom are from out of state and out of the country is the reason why we're sending them close to the 3 month mark.  I also sent save the dates earlier in the year too
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