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August 2012 Weddings

Future In-laws vent.

So. His parents. Grrr. (Sorry it's a long one)

This weekend, we had two things that we were "attending." We had planned that Sunday we would take his gma and my mom out to brunch, and Sunday afternoon (around 5 PM) we would all go to his cousin Madeleine's birthday party, a cousin FI doesn't get along with and I don't particularly like.

We made a deal. If we could take grandma out to brunch, we would go to the party.

Grandma had a busy weekend, and she's elderly, so her 3 sons (FI's dad and two uncles) are really anal about what she does. She had a big Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, but she's like 83, we all figured she'd go until maybe 10 PM and call it a night. She also had this stupid birthday party on Sunday. No joke - we accomodated this. Fi's dad said he would take care of it, and he did. The plans were set.

I told my mom, who cancelled all her plans for Sunday, to go to brunch with us.

Saturday night, around 7 PM, FI's mom comes into his room (he still lives at home. we're young and in college, so it's okay Smile)  She tells us we're not taking grandma out anymore. FI's uncles and dad made other plans. They never even told grandma. His mom's response was "you have to roll with the punches." So, little old me starts sobbing and FI goes to try and fix this and his mom tells him to "grow up."

No brunch with grandma. We had lunch with my mom instead, and so totally were not going to this fvcking birthday party.

Around 5 PM Sunday we arrive back at FI's house, cause everyone should be at this bday party by now. They haven't even left. They didn't leave until 5:40. For a 5 PM party. FI and I hid in the parking lot for 40 minutes.

SERIOUSLY?! This is the first time they pulled this crap. I find this so mind-blowingly rude.  They did something else too that was similar on Sunday night, but this post is long enough...


Updated 8/9!
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