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Making Guest List Cuts? Sorry Long

So we are starting to make our STD. I have been avoiding this topic with the FMIL for a while. We are having a small wedding. We want around 75-100 total. My parents are paying for the wedding. 

We got both sides of the guest list a few months ago. My family side is all family and 2 couples that are friends of my moms. My FI and I  have our friends/bridal party. And my FMIL gave me a list with there family and Nine couples that are family friends. That is 18 people..... We told her when she gave us the list that we will see what our budget could allow and go from there. 

My family is larger, but my mom is angry because they have so many friends coming, and she is not. She said if anyone's going to have friends it should be her because she is paying for it. 

Back when we told them we will have a smaller wedding so we may need to make some cuts his mom told me that she already told these people they would be invited to the wedding.... I don't know what to do

When ever I talk to my FI he understands but his mom does not. His mom is very opinionated, we have been avoiding talking any wedding related stuff with her because she is so rude and thinks its her wedding. She tells us stuff is stupid/dumb/not how it should be done ect. 

So now I have to bring it up again Tongue out and I am  not looking forward to the convo. I am going to talk to my FI tonight again. I know it will not go well. any advice? Or anyone going through the same thing? 
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