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Hi Ladies! Getting so excited just sent out the invites. We included our wedding website on the invites, and I wanted to include something about what the attire should be, but I'm looking for some suggestions. We are getting married in a beautiful presbyterian church, and then reception is at a club house with an italian buffet. It's not super formal, but I do not want people to wear denim, and I definitely do not want anyone wearing white even though it's August!! I picture men in slacks and button downs, and women in dresses that are flowly and light. What do you guys suggest for wording on the website?

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  • i posted something about this and was informed that you should not discuss attire until it's a black tie event.  That being said, I simply wrote in small font "semi-formal attire is requested" at the bottom of my reception page, and am praying for the best.  I know that a few (several) of the guests on our list have different opinions than I do about what is appropriate, so ....I guess I'll find out if the prayers and the request on the website were effective Aug 4th =D
  • SO fun! Yay. That's what I wrote too. Yay I'm August 4th too!! I just hope no one shows up in white!!!
  • I put semi formal on my website as well.. and in ( _ ) I put "guys a button down and dress pants, girls a cocktail or sundress, no jeans please" Do people ever show up in white? Isn't that a big no no!??
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  • Don't worry, most people know it is an unwritten rule to avoid wearing white to a wedding
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    I would refrain from putting anything about attire. Most people know how to dress for a wedding.

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  • I put something to the effect of "This is our special day, please dress appropriately (ie semiformal)." That being said FI has an uncle that told us a year ago that he will be wearing jeans to our wedding. I decided that its not a battle I want to pick and we will have to wait and see what happens. No matter what we say people will wear what they want and we really have no control over it. Also they will look like fools for dressing that way at a wedding.
  • Instead of saying it, why don't you put a picture of people dancing in clothing you would deem acceptable.  Unfortunately not everyone will visit your site and even then, people make weird choices.  Good luck!
  • I put an "attire" section on the bottom of my ceremony page and my reception page and it says " We are not "fancy" people, but this is a very special day for us and we don't want everyone dressed in tux's and evening gowns, please no t-shirt, cut offs, tank tops, or ripped up jeans.
    People are going to wear what they want, I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Most people know how to dress for a wedding.
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    It may just be me, but I think it is kind of insulting to be told what is/isn't appropriate. I think "semi-formal attire is requested" covers it and people can interpret it from there.

    PPs are right, some people have weird ideas about what is appropriate but they are probably not the ones who will visit your website to see what the proper attire is!

    99% of people know not to wear white. I hope that includes all of your guests :)
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