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Final Numbers (RSVPs)

Well, I'm still technically missing a few RSVPs but I figure it's 2.5 weeks before the wedding, these are out of town guests or people I haven't spoken to in AGES / don't even REMEMBER but were invited upon the insistence of my family and they surely won't be coming (and it doesn't even matter much since it's an hor d'oeurves and semi open bar wedding)

SO - our final numbers are 250 invited, 165 coming, 85 declines. A number I'm VERY Happy with. :) 

How about you guys? Finally got your final numbers?
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Re: Final Numbers (RSVPs)

  • We are still missing 10 responses (some of which are my fiance's co-workers, that he sees everyday and won't give him an answer), so I told finace to get an answer today or else they are going to all be no's in my mind because I want to get started on the seating chart. We invited 265 but are currently at 205. I am pretty happy with that number. The max our tent can hold in 220, but I'm tempted to upgrade our reception tent just to  make sure that everyone has room to mingle and have good airflow through there in case it is unbearably hot.
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    Congrats on getting all of yours in!  We invited 209 (but had a few "add ons") that bumped it up to 214.  We have 165 coming.  Budget and space wise (being able to seat 9 at a table versus 10) I was hoping to stay under 170, so I'm really happy with our numbers as well.
  • I'm still waiting on a good number (my RSVP date is this weekend since our wedding isn't until the end of August), but it's looking like we're going to have about 60%- 300 invited, 180ish attending. I'm happy with those numbers!
  • Haha, I feel very much like the odd woman out here!  FI wanted a small wedding, so we're only having about 50 people, of which we have 43 definite yes's.  We're missing two rsvp's from friends who are unsure about dates.
  • I'm with you lobsters. I wanted a smaller wedding was hoping for 50-75 and end up at 76 attending. We invited 125.

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  • Well, I'm a dw, so there's going to be 9 people total. Haha. I can't imagine having 200 people at my wedding! I don't envy yalls stress levels right now.
  • I am waiting on 5 people total. If they RSVP as I imagine, we will be right under 50 at like 48 or so. We are very happy with that number!
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    [QUOTE] I can't imagine having 200 people at my wedding! I don't envy yalls stress levels right now.
    Posted by jmp2004[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>95 invited, 83 attending 10 declines. We only had one couple who didn't RSVP which was wonderful. We didn't even bother to call them to follow up. </div>
  • we have 240 invited, 87 yes, 87 no, and 66 people with no answer.  And I have to turn in numbers on Friday.  
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  • I wanted to elope to Paris! But FI wanted the big Catholic wedding and I have a HUGE family and I tried to warn him but oh well. His part of the family was about 80 people I think. The rest is mine >.<
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  • 100 invited, 90 coming, my goal was 50 originally and then I compromised with FMIL to 80 and we still ended up at 90! Grrr. Oh well.
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  • We invited 63, but a good number of those were guests for anyone over 18 who were unmarried. Nobody opted to bring a date! I was so surprised! Ended up with 51 though, and I am very comfortable with that number (my budget agrees!!)
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    149 invited, ended up with 111 attending.  A little over where I wanted to be but thats ok:)
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  • We invited 180 and ended up with 162. I wanted 150, but it's almost impossible to get the exact number I suppose.
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