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What did you forget?

Congratulations August Brides!  I hope you all had lovely days.  Help a fellow bride-to-be...what did you forget?  I'm 50 days out and trying to finalize and finish the to-do list, but what cold I be missing? Thanks!
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Re: What did you forget?

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    I didn't forget anything, except that I wish I wrote out thank you notes to vendors beforehand- I am sending them out now..

    I wish i had mentioned to my bakery more that i had cake toppers because they forgot them.

    Everything else went well, but I was sure to check and double check everything--- There is a list on here from mid-August of all things that are "left" on the to do lists-- and that's probably a good post to check.
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    I'm not sure if I forgot anything, but my advice to you would be that once your dress is on and you're good to go, let everything go.  Don't worry, let others do the worrying if something pops up.  Take lots of pictures even if you're tired.  I was so hot I skipped some pictures.  Congratulations!
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    I wish I had written a list of photos I wanted, in hindsight..
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    I thought I had given my DOC everything she needed to know, and she thought she had everything she needed. In hindsight, I wish we would've run through various scenarios and logistics ("If A goes wrong then we'll do B. If B doesn't work, C is another option)

    We had a timeline written out and everything, but I guess I was a bit too laid back in the leadup to the wedding and didn't stress to the DOC how much I truly wanted to stick to the timeline.

    Bottom line, communicate, communicate, communicate!

    Good luck!
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    We forgot to talk about what we would do when we cut the cake, lol. It was kind of awkward and we didn't really know what we were doing, and dind't do anything cute like smash it in each other's faces etc....

    Also, didn't really come up with an exit strategy/organize how our decorations would make it out of there. everyone *assured* me that i didnt need to worry about it but it was total chaos at the end.

    Other than that, everything went pretty smoothly! :)
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    In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:1fb748ee-7a4e-40eb-b4b4-e553486f4cacDiscussion:54dad6ef-baf7-4a38-b3db-3f4b58620b6cPost:f9cac5cd-2712-46cb-a776-3a2b9ab047f1">Re: What did you forget?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I wish I had written a list of photos I wanted, in hindsight..
    Posted by punkyalicia[/QUOTE]

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    The list of photos. We started one but didnt get more detailed on all the specifics i was looking for. It ended up pouring so we had to do all reception shots indoors (so we lost 45 mins of pics) but i didnt take photo with my godparents and prob would of liked photographer to table some table shots with all the people. Things get real crazy at the the end and that whole day.
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    i forgot to put the garter on!!!! i was debating if i should wear it the whole time or not but forgot and luckly it was with me at the reception and put it on right before we had to do the toss.  
    i would rec'd if you dont want to wear it all day then put it on as soon as you get to your cocktail hour
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    My vows! I had to freestyle it!! But ppl cried so I guess it was well said :-)
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    Small thing but I forgot a pen to go with the guestbook.  I was going to decorate a cheap BIC pen with satin ribbon and a bow.  Luckily my Aunt found some red ribbon and tied a bow on one of the pens from the church!!  I felt like it was a huge mistake the day of, but looking back on it I'm like "ok that was fine".

    Also, if you are doing unity sand, make sure you have big enough cylinders to pour enough sand in your vase.  We used cute cylinders from the church, and my brother/our pastor didn't pour enough of his sand in so we barely filled half our unity vase.  We can't exactly redo the ceremony and we have over half our sand that we bought still in their original containers...

    I highly recommend having a list of pictures you want taken, and make sure EVERYONE in those pictures knows when they need to be there.  My FIL didn't get dressed until almost 2PM so we were scrambling to finish pictures by 3PM (our ceremony was at 3:30 and I didn't want to be seen).  We ended up getting no pictures with grandparents which really upset us.  We tried to do it at the reception too, but always seemed to get pulled away by someone, or it was time for the dollar dance, etc...  We decided because of the lack of grandparent pictures we will be taking extra special pictures with our grandparents during the holidays :)
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