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Day of Schedule

My fiance and I have to finalize what time our ceremony/cocktail hour/ and dinner are at. Does this look ok?
Our ceremony is outside of where our reception is so there is no travel time for our guests. It is also the same place our guests will be staying so they could always go to their rooms or walk around campus or go to the bar in the hotel.

3:00-4:00 ceremony and receiving line
6:00-7:00 cocktail hour
7:30-8:30 dinner

This gives us about 2.5 hours for pictures with the wedding party/family and for my fiancee and I. Is this too much??

Thank you! I am just driving myself crazy over the little things!

Re: Day of Schedule

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    It's probably a little bit long for your guests.  Do you have that much family that you need a long time?  If so, can you do some of the family photos without FI before the wedding?
    I think that if you're not traveling, one hour should be more than enough time.
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    I'd do one to one and a half hours at most between ceremony and some kind of food for your guests.  Assuming ppl will be eating lunch at noon and then traveling to your ceremony, they wouldn't get a meal again for 7.5 hours and will have been drinking at cocktail hour for an hour and a half before then.  I'd be worried about people being starving and then drunk.  But that's just IMHO, I'm always worried about when I'll eat next!
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    Two hours between the ceremony and the cocktail hour might be a little long for some people.  At a lot of weddings I have been to, the bride and groom and wedding party take their pictures during the cocktail hour.  That is what we are doing too.  Here is our day of schedule (ceremony and reception are at the same place, so no travel time needed):

    3:30-4:00 or 4:15: Ceremony (very short) and receiving line
    4:00-5:00: Cocktail hour (while we take pictures; we will have already done some pictures like us with our separate families and bridesmaids and groomsmen before the ceremony)
    5:00: Start seating for dinner
    5:30: Dinner is served

    This is just our plan, though, and since your guests are staying at the ceremony/reception site, it might not bother them to wait a little longer since they can go back to their rooms and such.
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    I agree with others that it may be too long between ceremony and reception. As a guest, I personally wouldn't like it. I also don't know what all I'd want to do while I'm all dressed up for a wedding, especially if it's hot out.

    Is it possible to do some pictures before the wedding? I realize you and FI may not want to see each other before (I was that way too, but I think I changed my mind.) But you could do pics with your wedding party and even parents and such before-basically any pictures you want without the two of you together. I think that would greatly reduce the amount of time needed between your ceremony and cocktail hour/dinner.

    Just my two cents!
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