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Bad dreams

Is anyone else having bad dreams about the wedding? So far I have dreamt that our wedding rings were stolen, that I missed the wedding, and had a nother dream that I was so wrapped up in everything that I forgot it all- like blacked out or something. Anyone else having crazy dreams? We are 19 days to go... FI of course has nothing like this and thinks it's funny, but I am waking up every few hours after another of these silly dreams :(

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    Nothing recent but last month I had several. My dad showing up in sweats. Showing up to the reception and there was no food. I forget the rest.
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    I've definitely had some crazy wedding dreams!  I had one dream where we got married and then I realized that we forgot to exchange rings and I was really mad.  I also had a dream where the DJ wasn't playing the songs that we wanted and I had to climb this giant tower to find him and ask him to play different songs.  Oh, and one dream where the wedding was in my old high school gymnasium and the groomsmen showed up in sweats.  I'm hoping none of them come true!
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    Haha, yeah, I've had a few weird ones. Like, suddenly our venue was my hometown's crappy auditorium and we had to get married on the stage right after another couple, and I only had a few minutes to get dressed but my dress wasn't there and the BMs were wearing green instead of blue. And another one where my mom and I got carjacked on the way to the wedding (that one was really scary).
    FI has been having a lot of anxiety dreams about me leaving him for some other guy... in one dream, it was one of his groomsmen! I keep trying to tell him that his subconscious needs to chill out because we are getting married, so obviously I don't want anybody but him! :)
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    Oh yeah, I've had a ton! I just try to take them in stride and laugh them off (and I've had some really bad ones!)
    About 3 months ago I had a dream that I was in a tank top/ jean shorts and a head full of hot rollers setting up for our outdoor tent reception and car after car started to arrive. I was yelling at everyone to leave because I didn't "even have the invitations done yet so there is no way they can be here already". LOL, it motivated me to make the invitations the next thing on my to-do list at the time, and then other than that I just keep moving on!

    My BM's that is getting married in September keeps having a dream that her fiance gets too hot and puts on sweats for their wedding portraits and she cries over their wedding album. LOL.
    I think everyone has them, helps to keep all the drama in perspective!
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    I've had quite a few!  One involved wearing a white sheet tied like a toga instead of a dress, and cowboy boots - another I was barefoot as we had forgotten my shoes.  Several I haven't had makeup or my hair was greasy and hanging in my face.  Vendors have forgotten to come, people aren't showing up, etc.  However, I'm glad that none of these have put me in a cold sweat - even in my craziest wedding dream (that involved getting married in said toga in a hallway with guests sitting at tables stuck in various corners of a very creepy old house, including a table placed on the stairs!) I don't get stressed at all.  I'm disappointed, and exasperated, but never stressed or upset.  Always a mentality of, "Oh well, at least we're married!  We probably should have eloped and forgotten all that useless planning!" 



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    Nothing recently. I used to when I first really started planning. But lately nothing. :) My FMIL has been having nightmares about showing up with nothing to wear etc.
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    My most recent wedding nightmare was that I woke up the morning after my wedding and couldn't remember any of it.  That was kind of a traumatic one...
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    awhile ago I was having weird dreams. I have now moved on to the sleepless nights, worry my dress won't get altered right or in time or all the little things won't get done in time. ugh! can't wait till it's over. Also have the fiancee that doesn't worry about anything has no concept of time.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Bad dreams</a>:
    [QUOTE]My most recent wedding nightmare was that I woke up the morning after my wedding and couldn't remember any of it.  That was kind of a traumatic one...
    Posted by mattylovesmilly[/QUOTE]

    <div>Thanks everyone- I am glad I am not crazy. I have had this dream too- multiple times!!! I will have my dress on and my wedding ring on, and we will be in a hotel room but I don't remember any of it. So weird! </div>
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