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Wedding cake!!

So we have gone to two cake tastings and I think we found our bakery.

I was nervous to go to the 2nd cake tastings because the bakery just had their decorator (the owners husband) rfeatured as a finalist on the Next greatest cake baker (he came in third)...and i was afraid their prices were now through the roof.. but alas they have stayed the same (which made me feel good)

So we tried their cake and it blew the other place's cake out of the water it was fantastic.

Our entire cake is going to cost around $600 with delivery which i think is pretty reasonable.

The design is a mix of cakes, the bottom will be a few layers of ruffles, the middle will be light light pink with some scroll on it and the top is white quilted with a bow and a gold brooch.

And This is how the top will look, but it will be white:
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Re: Wedding cake!!

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