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8-11-12 brides!!

As the queen of countdowns, I just thought I'd share my latest discovery!  As of today, our weddings are officially closer to a year away than they are to a year and a half!  so all those ppl that keep telling us "oh what are you rushing for, you're wedding's a year and a half away'.  It's no longer true!
8/12 March Siggy- reception venue!
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Re: 8-11-12 brides!!

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    Yayy! So excited! :) I keep telling people it's about a year and 2 months. I always round as close as I can to the sooner month so that is doesnt sound so far away!
  • I'm so vague when I talk about it that it's funny! I always just say "next summer"!
  • Yaayy!!! So exciting!!
    Can't wait to marry my best friend!! imageWedding Countdown Ticker Follow Me on Pinterest
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: 8-11-12 brides!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm so vague when I talk about it that it's funny! <strong>I always just say "next summer"!</strong>
    Posted by JoshLovesJekka[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>I say the same thing! LOL

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  • YAY..I also say next summer. It just sounds so much shorter to me... I know too funny right.
  • I'm so excited! Next summer sounds a lot better than next August. lol. Have any of you ladies found a planner? Am I the only one feeling overwhelmed about all the planning  and budgeting for the big day???
  • I found a great planner!  Emily Campbell with Bella.  She is awesome so far.  I'm in PA, and it's really tough to plan everything from out here.  We are only going to CO once before the wedding, so I hired her for the week of the wedding and some additional consultation hours.  Well worth it!
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