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Dessert Bar Labels

I am going to have a bunch of fudge as the dessert at the wedding. There will probably be 10 different flavors so I want to make labels for all of them so people know what they are biting into. I wanted to do something like this but is it weird if it's sticking out of one piece of fudge. I want everyone to eat it all and I'm afraid if there is a flag sticking out of one of the peices people either wont eat that one or what if someone really wants that piece and takes the flag out before the rest is gone! Am I thinking to much into this? 

Re: Dessert Bar Labels

  • cute!  Go for it.  I think people will figure it out.  if they want that ONE piece they'll stick the flag into another, and if they want that LAST piece, they'll take the flag out
  • I think the flag idea is really cute. Don't overthink it too much. It will look nice.
  • I agree with PP they will either replace the flag or if its the last piece they would eat it. MMMM fudgge I want some now.. haha
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  • I think people will get it, but just in case you could put a single piece on a stand (like in your pic) in front of the big batch to be like the "model" and put the flag in that one?
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  • I think people would clue in, but just to ease your mind, why don't you make a few spares and ask someone to check on them a few times during the reception?
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