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Pet Peeves

I hate when someone says, "Your ring is so beautiful" and then they touch the center stone dead on top leaving a finger print. Don't they know I clean my ring everyday and the just messed up the shine. LOL i'm just saying.

What are some of your WR pet peeves?

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    My venue isn't air conditioned at all. (historcal preservation)  but we arent going insie until 7 pm at night, and it cools down significantly on the ocean. plus there are floor to ceiling windows and fans
    Everytime i tell someone where i am getitng married they say  "did you know there is no air conditioning there?"

    NO I DIDN"T i just spent thousands of dollars booking a place and i didint ask if they had ac...

    i think its SO rude to bring up a negative aspect that the bride is likely (more than likely) stressing about-- of wedding planning or of  a wedding etc to the bride.

    I have heard things like "oh we used that DJ he was just OK" (said to my friend about her dj) or
    "that venue is nice, just not MY taste" (well hey, its not your wedding)

    and also, my girlfriend is getting married next month- she just got a rsvp back that in red circled "will not atteneD" and the person wrote in "since you arent allow children, i have no one to watch my kid that night".....

    I am dreading something like that happening to me!
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    Ditto PP. The AC thing applies to our ceremony site and we are not inviting children, except for wedding party members bc they have to come a day early for the rehearsal. Though WP knows of the no kid thing and will have sitters planned for most of the day/evening.

    My bigget pet peeve has been not feeling supported with our decisions and people trying to change our minds. "Are you sure you want to get married?" "Are you sure you can afford it?" "Maybe you should think about not doing this or that because its going to cost extra money."  Yes, we are sure we want to get married. We've already decided to book a photographer and a DJ and no I will not be changing my mind and losing my deposit just because you think its too expensive.

    Why is it that the people who aren't paying think they can have any input in this stuff?
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    My biggest pet peeves are:
    1) People trying to control what MY dress looks like (there is a bow on the area of the dress that is pretty much covering my butt.. I think it's cute, I call it my "butt bow", but someone wants it taken off)!!
    2) People throwing a fit because they aren't Bridesmaids even though they don't make an effort to be my friend!
    3) THE DRAMA - enough said right?
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    I never fully understood it until I got engaged, but jeezaloo people lose all sense of manners during wedding time. I've dealt with the "why don't you just elope" to the "can't wait for my invitation even though I haven't spoken to you in 3yrs" It's enough to make a girl scream.

    Well I hope all of you keep sane during the madness, and at the end of the day, getting to marry the person you love surrounded by the people you love, makes it all worth it in the end.

    At least that's what I tell myself everday.Wink
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    My aunt emailing me people to add to the guest list "Are you inviting X and Y?  X is your dad's cousin, her mother is your late grandmother's sister, her daughter is your second cousin.  If X and Y come, then V and Z are more likely to attend."  If you feel the need to explain to me who these people are because you think I don't know them, why the heck would they be on the guest list?

    I gave in, X and Y are invited, along with V and Z.  The wedding is more of a damn family reunion now than an actual wedding...
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    Sick of people telling me how I should spend my money. And that I should invite so and so friend i dont know or all his mom's friends when i have cut my coworkers and other friends due to size/budget constraints.
    Im exciting for the wedding to be here, but will be so happy for all the drama and stress to subside.
    Always hearing about traditon when im a lil none traditional and dont want to do FMIL replay of FSIL wedding thank you.
    One last rant. I would LOVE to have my MOH start acting like my friend again instead of basically not talking tome on a regular basis and causing unnecessary drama. Seriously a month after I asked her she warped into this alien. So i basically planned most of it with FI, myself and some help from my mom. Not the storybook fun of your friends hanging out. ...sigh...
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    OMG! I have so many! LOL 

    I agree with PP who said that people lose all sorts of manners and common courtesy when someone else is getting married - it's ridiculous.

    My biggest issue now is that my FMIL wants fish at our wedding - see new board post on that - and help me make a decision :)

    I also hate (this is something we all probably hear) that everytime someone asks when's the wedding and I say August, they're like "Oh it's gonna be hot!" Like PP said - duh!!! I knew that when I picked the date! 

    Hmm what else? FI not understanding how much work is to be done, and wanting to do the same exact things as his 2 friends who just got married. 

    Last one - a coworker of mine is getting married a month after me, and so is always wanting to trade ideas, which I don't mind - I do mind, however, when a. that's all she wants to talk about to me and b. she kind of downgrades my ideas. 
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    elhoekengaelhoekenga member
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    1.       ‘’OMG you’re getting married in August, is it going  to be inside?  It is SO HOT!”
                                     a.       I have lived in south Texas my whole life, but I had no idea what the weather was going to be like….Thanks for sharing

    “Why don’t you get married in a big city? You should get married in a big city, so guests can get to your venue easier.”
    a.       Well, I want my wedding in the city I want it. I am not really concerned about other people’s travel on MY day. Because hey, it’s MY day….isn’t it?! If they want to be there, they will show up

    “You should just elope in Vegas.”
    a.       No. That's really all I have to say on that one.

    4.       “How are your wedding plans going?”   

    a.       Was never really sure how to answer this question, do I tell them all the little things I am doing this week, or should I keep it simple? It is nice they are asking don’t get me wrong, but my peeve is that I don’t know what answer they want! :(

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     I'm so glad I don't have other people second guessing my decisions, because I do enough of that on my own!  That's probably my biggest pet peeve, me thinking "oh I can always change my mind on this or that" when I know I'll just stick to my original plan!
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