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MOH vent...(sorry long) need advice badly.

Dealt with issue after the post. Found a replacement incase it comes to the point

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Re: MOH vent...(sorry long) need advice badly.

  • This is really a personal issue. None of us can tell you how to deal with problems in a friendship because all problems are different. If it was me, from the time that she started pushing me off to the side, I would have given her a few months and that would be that. I don't have time in my life for people who like drama or who just like "keeping me around". I do have friends that I rarely get to see, in fact half of my bridal party are those friends. The difference is that when we don't see eachother for a while but when we finally do it's like there was never a separation. You need to decide if she is worth all the effort of contacting to keep trying to hang out with her. But like I said I would have given it a few month and seeing as this has been going on since December I would just be done and when she is ready to hang out with me it can be on her term and her effort.
    I'm a blunt person so my friends expect it from me so sorry if you find this at all harsh.

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