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Day-of transportation question

I am wondering what everyone is doing for transportation of you, your FI and the BP.

I had previously wanted a limo or party bus of some kind, thinking that it would be convenient (responsibility off our hands), fun in more ways than one (get to ride in a limo, drink) and as a sort of treat for our BP (as in, take travel responsibility off of them, have fun with the group, etc).

However, now that we have secured our baker and florist, which we under-budgeted for, I am unsure if I want to spend the money required for a limo. This whole explanation leads to my question of, is it okay to not provide transportation for the BP? If no limo, we would help coordinate carpooling so not everyone has to drive, but is this considered rude or not? What is everyone doing for transportation? Thank you!
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Re: Day-of transportation question

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    I am doing limos...never heard of the bp driving themselves
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    We can't afford a limo. The hotels we blocked rooms at have shuttles, so guests and BP can use that or drive themselves.
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    Im doing a limo for the BP to the ceremony and then for the new hubby and i to the reception. The BP will get rides from other guests to the reception. Everyones okay with that! I feel that its your day and you shouldnt stress over something that isnt completly your responsibility. Maybe youll get it as a gift? i have heard of many familes doing that. 
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    We are doing a limo coach bus for the BP and us. This way we can all be together and have a lot of room to move around. :)
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    The last wedding I was in didn't provide us with transportation. We met at the venue and drove ourselves home after the reception. No biggie.

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    Everyone is responsible for getting themselves there- honestly, even me andd FI aren't arriving in anything special. The reason for this is partly budget but also partly because half my bridesmaids have children and would obviously be arriving with them and their husbands- more freedom and flexibility for them. The other reason is with a weekday wedding, I feel like people may definitely be on different timelines since it may be in the middle of a work week. They may not have the whole day off or may leave earlier than normal. Rather than try to coordinate that, it just seems easier for all involved to decide how they want to arrive. Not to mention that I get carsick really easily (particularly when it's a not facing forward and looking out the front window situation) and would hate to have that happen on the big day!
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    We do not have transportation.  My thought is at the Rehearsal Dinner we will feel everyone out to see if they want to carpool from ceremony to reception, or if they plan on having their families wait for photos and drive them there.  My thought is their significant others will stick around so they can ride together, but we will ask.  I am not sure about FI & me, but it's highly likely we'll drive ourselves in our normal 'ol car.  It's not really a "thing" for us & neither one of us care.
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    Most of our bridal party is married/has kids/in a relationship/etc.. Only 1 is single, and that one will most likely walk to the reception (as it is walking distance).  So we probably aren't going to rent a limo, although I want to, it just isn't in our budget.  FI and I will ride in a car together (possibly have someone drive us, depending on how bridal party members feel about that idea), otherwise FI will drive. 

    EDIT: The reason I posted relationship statuses of bridal party is because I'm thinking they will want to travel with their spouse/significant other and/or kids!! I just forgot to put that on... Kind of out of it today...
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone, now I won't feel as guilty if we don't provide transportation, which is looking like the likely option.
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