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Who has purchased their wedding dress?

Hi Everyone,

I was just curious, how many of you getting married in August 2012 have purchased their dress already?

I really want to get a one shoulder dress, but I'm concerned that it will look silly next year since it's overly trendy right now.

Any advice?

Re: Who has purchased their wedding dress?

  • i2012doi2012do member
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    I am not even starting to look until the fall for a dress. I just want to be sure to give myself a good 8 months.

    Although I went to a shop this weekend and the woman said that girls getting married in Oct 2012 are already coming in to try.
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    Purchased! I Just took in what I thought I wanted, tried a few on and then the girl helping me actually went and picked up something she wanted me to try. It ended up being my dress because she was listening to what I was saying and originally wanted.
    ~Don't go in thinking you know exactly what you want because chances are that you'll get something totally opposite.
    ~Take in some pictures of what you think you may want
    ~ Try and just have fun because you have a little while until you really need to have your dress ordered. There is no stress of having to purchase right now!

    Good luck!
  • colstj1colstj1 member
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    I'll be looking this month :)
  • I went and looked, thinking I have already found the dress. I find it to be a good idea to look early because I have heard horror stories of people waiting until the last minute to get their dress. A lady that helped me when I first went to look told me it took her nine months to get her dress because every time it'd come in there'd be something wrong. The one dress that I loved takes three months to get here that's not including alterations and everything. I don't plan on purchasing a dress until I have lost some weight.
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  • Hazel_BHazel_B member
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    I have mine, but only because it was a sample on sale.
  • Don't have mine quite yet! I think I'm going to go look about one year before the wedding date. I'd love to go right now, but everyone is telling me to wait! I don't really think it matters when, because when you find "the one" it'll always be "the one"!
  • I ordered my dress on the first trip. Totally wasn't planning on getting it that quickly, but sometimes the dress just finds you : )

    It takes 6 months to come in & they want about 2-3 months to allow for alterations, so I'm glad I got it early.

    Plus...I think having a dress makes the wedding feel SO real : ) Good luck!!
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  • I won't be looking until this coming fall and winter, can't wait!!
  • I don't have my dress yet. I've started looking and hope to order one by the end of the summer. We'll see.
  • I tried on a lot of dresses (80 or so) till I found the one I loved! I put a deposit down on mine in February. Spoke to them yesterday and my dress will be in late August/early September (of this year!)
    I didn't want to wait because I found out my dress was being discontinued and besides for this one, there wasn't any that I was thrilled in, or could see myself in.

    Don't rush into making a decision (as you can see, I didn't) LOL 
    Hope that helps! Smile

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  • Not yet! Im going in a few weeks with my MOH to try on dresses, but wont buy for a few months. Mom is purchasing my dress, so I dont mind waiting a few months to order mine. (:
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  • I Have Purchase my dress
  • cshulercshuler member
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    I am waiting until the end of July to go shipping. I do know that I want a Maggie Sottero.

  • ekm5043ekm5043 member
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    I already have my dress.  Many people tried to tell me to wait because the current styles may not be "in" still in August 2012.  I decided not to listen to these warnings because I have a very classic style so I was not looking at the "trendy" dresses.  If you are a more "trendy" person then I would recommend waiting but if you are a more classic style then I think you can go whenever!
  • YES!  As soon as I seen it online I knew that I had to have it so I ordered it in Feburary and it came in a couple of weeks ago.  Now I have to wait until August 25th, 2012 but I am glad that I have it, it is amazing!  Is anyone else and Alfred Angelo bride?
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