August 2012 Weddings

August 25th brides

I am so excited that 5 days for now I will be married to an amazing man!

Wanted to wish everyone else who shares our date well. Hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible...for all of us!  :)
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Re: August 25th brides

  • Yay!  Happy almost wedding day to us!  I am in good shape with nearly all "to-do" items non-wedding related and more honeymoon related!  I hope everyone is sitting as easy as me Smile
  • yay! i am so glad today is my last day in the office because I feel like the "packing" is my big thing to do! I don't know where to begin with my suitcases plus all the little extras that i have (napkins and champagne for getting ready, signs for our doors, etc)

    but everything else is done yipee!
  • I share the weekend- I'm a 8.26 bride.
    Best Wishes to everyone! Fingers crossed for everything to go smooth for you ladies!
  • Hard to believe our day is almost here! I hope everyone has a stress-free week and an amazing Saturday!
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  • My hair stylists mom got very sick this week and she is not going to be able to do my hair. She was going to do the bridesmaids too. But we found someone who will take her place and everything will be fine.
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