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having issues with my wedding lady at venue

I am really upset.
The person i am dealing with for our wedding is really pissing me off.
She always says one thing and then does another.

1. I told her i wanted long tables from the begining, she says thats fine and she can totally do that, they have them. then she writes in the contract round tables, i correct her, she writes it somewhere else, i correct her again, she did that like 3 more times. I finally said to her, "Do you think i should do round tables or something?" and she says well, i have to order them if you really want them.. Like WTF> you told me you had them! I only need 3 and you should have ordered them the 1st 3 times i old you i wanted round tables. Like i think she was trying to see if i would over see it and she could just do round.

2. She tells me to rent the mics is $150. Ok then last week she told me oh they went down in price there $125. Great! Then she emails me today and tells me that the guy upped his price and now there $165! WTF again you just told me a week ago that they were 125.

3. She blew off a meeting i had with her, never showed. I drove an hour there with a toddler to meet with her and she never fucking showed. That one REALLY pissed me off. ( you make remember that rant)

4. I cancelled some ppl and in a result i over paid. She owed me $60. (her words) Then i add on a champagne toast and now some how i owe her $60?! No. Chapagne is $3 a glass, for 17 people. Its like 51 dollars. She still owes me 9 fin dollars.

Thats all i can think of right now.
She is really really pissing me off and with 9 days until the wedding theres not much i can do i dont think. Would you email the owners and complain? Now? After the wedding? I have done all my talking with her through email for a reason , so i have proff of everything she has tried to charge me off or f-ed up.
I feel like i should let them know.
This a new hotel (new owners leved it and rebuild) But she is not really new in the buisness She worked at a previous hotel with weddings before.

I AM SO MAD! I feel like i should do something about this before the wedding because im afraid she is going to like screw it all up.
Granted its only like 20 people. But still im paying almost 200$ a plate. Thats a lot of money to you be screwing up on.

Re: having issues with my wedding lady at venue

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    I so feel your pain and frustration! I went through something similar with my venue...first meeting, it was the Im so nice and will help all I can reel-you-in type of talking..we do everything here but the cake and the DJ.. kids 8 and under eat can come in during July and have a taste testing. During the course of the months my Mom called, she didn't return her call a couple of times, then we found out at the end of June, there is no taste testing, she said we couldn't expect them to cook all the food on the menu for us to taste! Then at the last meeting, we found out only kids 3 and under eat free and they had bumped up our $20 per person to $25 per person..My Mom nearly stroked out! So she paid for 100 people and added 3 appetizers and this week, our count has gone up 20 more people! I would call and go off on her! Do you have a copy of the contract? Mine was a 2 page ordeal of BS and it didn't say anything on there about food tasting, just prices subject to change!  For you, if you want long tables, you should get long tables for heavens sake!  That champagne toast thing is a bunch of crap!  I guess I should be happy we get ours for free! Im so sorry for what your going through at crunchtime!  I would go totally crazy and def. call the owners and let them know how she is running things! GOOD LUCK!
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    im afraid that if i call no and complain that she will be a total wrench to me on my wedding day. FLM! lol i have no idea what i should do here.
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    hmm...Im going with what my Mom would do, and she does plan on it, letting them know after the wedding..she thinks the same thing..She plans on calling them out on their lack of communication and changing things, especially the kids under 8 eat for free and then to change it to 3 and under eat for free and she is paying for a 5 year old to have a regular dinner?
    Cheryl (25) Andy (24) Newlyweds as of 8-17-12 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker pregnancy week by week
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    that REALLY sucks. i'd be just absolutely furious. is there anyone else that could deal with her instead? 
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